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What we do

  • Local Communities

    Social prescribing creates healthier, happier, and better-connected communities. It can build a sense of belonging. And it can provide cost-effective support that really helps.

    But here at NASP, we understand the challenges faced by grassroots voluntary and community groups in delivering this vital work.

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  • Innovation in social prescribing

    Voluntary organisations exist to make a social impact. To help people live fuller, happier lives. Innovation is a way to support these organisations to overcome challenges, build capacity and improve the delivery of social prescribing.

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  • International Programme

    The international programme is for organisations, experts, and professionals at the forefront of social prescribing across the globe.

    We want to help communities thrive. To improve health and wellbeing at a grassroots level. And to reduce health costs, while providing better, more person-centred solutions. Wherever you are in the world. 

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