We are an organisation dedicated to the advancement of social prescribing through promotion, collaboration and innovation. 

We work to create partnerships, across the arts, health, sports, leisure, and the natural environment, alongside other aspects of our lives, to promote health and wellbeing at a national and local level. We will champion social prescribing and the work of local communities in connecting people for wellbeing.

We were launched in October 2019.

What are our objectives?

  • Make some noise – raising the profile of social prescribing
    In order to expand social prescribing, we need to get the message out there – that connecting people for wellbeing is vital for people and communities.

  • Find resources – develop innovative funding partnerships
    We recognise the challenges faced by social prescribing link workers, the local voluntary, community, social enterprise and arts sector and will seek to improve resources to realise their social prescribing goals.

  • Build relationships – broker and build relationships across all sectors
    Social prescribing relies on strong, mature relationships at national and local levels across multiple sectors.

  • Improve the evidence – shape and share the evidence base
    There is already an evidence base for social prescribing, but it is not comprehensive. We need to build a consensus about what we know and don’t know, improve accessibility and visibility of evidence.

  • Spread what works – promote learning on social prescribing
    We will share what is good, what has been learnt and draw from multiple sources to ensure continued development of social prescribing.

How will we deliver this?

Read our Strategic Plan, A Social Revolution in Wellbeing to find out how we will support social prescribing over the next few years.

Our annual report

Each year, we will publish our annual report and accounts.

These include an assessment of how we have delivered our mission, and the extent to which the commitments set out in our strategic plan, as well as other commitments, have been met.

Read the annual report for 2020 / 21

Read the accessible version of our annual report