We are The National Academy for Social Prescribing Championing Social Prescribing

Each of us has the right to define our own lives. To thrive rather than just survive. To grow beyond the limitations of our circumstances. We all deserve help when we’re finding things tough, and to enjoy a sense of connection and value in our communities. But too often people can’t get the support they actually need, when they need it. 

Our mission:To help people live the best life they can through social prescribing

Social prescribing works alongside traditional healthcare to resolve issues that contribute to poor health and quality of life. It creates sustainable, supportive networks and relationships. And it connects people to non-medical support. 

Who are we?

The National Academy for Social Prescribing is a national charity, founded in October 2019.  

Our goal is to ensure social prescribing thrives across the whole country. We envision a vibrant, innovative, and ambitious movement. One that connects communities and mobilises hundreds of thousands of people. Each with a shared commitment to transforming lives.  

  • We support the grassroots groups and national charities who offer socially prescribed activities.  
  • We connect the health system to the incredible work that’s happening in communities.  
  • We help medical professionals, including Social Prescribing Link Workers and students.   
  • We work with leading researchers to build more evidence for social prescribing.  
  • We develop effective new approaches to common problems. 
  • And we champion social prescribing across the world. 

We know that social prescribing plays an important role in preventing health problems, in combating loneliness and in making sure people get the practical support they need.  

As we continue to mature as an organisation, we want to champion the people who make social prescribing thrive. And to make a lasting difference to communities and individuals across the country.   

The momentum for social prescribing is building.

Read our strategic plan for 2023-2026 to find out more. 

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