We are The National Academy for Social Prescribing Championing Social Prescribing

Each of us has the right to define our own lives. To thrive rather than just survive. To grow beyond the limitations of our circumstances. We all deserve help when we’re finding things tough, and to enjoy a sense of connection and value in our communities. But too often people can’t get the support they actually need, when they need it. 

Our mission:To help people live the best life they can through social prescribing

Many things that affect our health and wellbeing cannot be treated by doctors or medication alone – like loneliness, isolation or stress due to problems with housing or debt. Social prescribing is a way of connecting people to non-medical support to address these issues and other unmet needs. 

What is Social Prescribing?

Who are we?

The National Academy for Social Prescribing was established as a charity in 2019 to champion social prescribing. Our work includes: 

  • Connecting the social prescribing system, through training and consultancy, resources and our Champions scheme for clinicians and health workers.
  • Creating innovative partnerships, from local to international.
  • Boosting investment for frontline organisations delivering social prescribing, including through our Power of Music Fund and the Green Social Prescribing Programme. We are currently co-designing a Shared Investment Fund model in partnership with the National Lottery Community Fund.
  • Building the evidence base, working with nearly 300 academics and experts around the world and publishing 15 thematic evidence reviews.
  • Raising the profile of social prescribing through national campaigns.

Social prescribing can play a hugely important role in supporting people’s health and wellbeing. It can also take pressure off the NHS by ensuring people get the support they need for social problems affecting their health and wellbeing.

The momentum for social prescribing is building.

Read our strategic plan for 2023-2026 to find out more. 

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