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Nature and Social Prescribing

Helping People Connect with Nature for Better Health and Wellbeing  

A connection to natureis vital.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily walk kept many of us moving. Our parks became havens for exercise and connection. And, with our roads and skies free from traffic, we began to slow down and notice the sounds of birds singing. Sometimes for the first time in years. 

But not everyone has access to green spaces. Some people are less able to spend time in nature. It may be hard to get out and about. Especially if you have a long-term health condition or are caring full-time for a loved one. There may not be any green space within walking distance. Or low income, age, or cultural barriers may stop you from exploring the options. 

It’s crucial that as many people as possible experience the benefits of connecting to nature. And NASP is working with our partners and to realise this vision. Because we want to help more people to engage and connect with nature… And grow towards better health and wellbeing. 

Being outdoors, it’s just a reconnection to nature, and a reconnection to simple activities that are really restorative and help you work through things. It’s a very simple solution that we are realising has a huge impact.
Zahra Dhaimish, Surrey Care Trust
I live in a flat. I don’t get to meet or talk to lots of people on a daily basis. But I like being outside. It’s really good for my mental health. I’ve got to know the people here, and I find it very therapeutic.
Mark, programme participant, Surrey

What is the Evidence for Green Social Prescribing?

How Can I Find Out More, Get Involved, or Get Help?

If you’re a local voluntary, community, faith, or social enterprise organisation…

  • Download our Green Social Prescribing Toolkit, designed to help communities, organisations and health professionals who are looking to set up green social prescribing programmes that connect with local health systems.
  • Download our Nature Buddies Toolkit, designed for organisations and providers to help set up a Nature Buddies programme and supporting people to take part in nature-based activities.

Find out more about how we support local communities. 

If you need support for yourself or a loved one…

Speak with your GP and ask to be referred to a link worker. You can also find local green social prescribing initiatives by searching:  

You can also take small steps today to connect with nature. Whether that means walking in your local park or growing your first window box garden.  

If you’re a link worker or health professional

Green social prescribing (also called nature social prescribing) is an evidence-based, legitimate way of offering non-medical support. To find out more, you can:  

Other useful resources for link workers include: 

  • Social farms and gardens 
  • Your local voluntary community services 
  • The community or parks/greenspace info on your local authority website  
  • Gardening4health – a specialist site set up by a GP Richard Claxton, to highlight gardening projects around the UK 

If you’re looking for more online information, resources, and evidence…


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