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What is the evidence forsocial prescribing?

NASP also set up the International Evidence Collaborative (IEC) with a set of core academic partners to understand and advance the research on social prescribing in the UK and abroad. Working with the Social Prescribing Network, NASP’s IEC has delivered a series of online seminars to share and discuss the latest evidence from research projects exploring the impact of social prescribing. Members of the IEC have also been commissioned to conduct evidence reviews on a wide range of social prescribing topics. 

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We have also created 7 video learning chapters on social prescribing implementation and practice including: 

  • An introduction to Social Prescribing 
  • Workforce development 
  • Evidence and researching social prescribing, Community development and voluntary sector support 
  • Healthcare staff involvement 
  • Medical education for future healthcare workers 
  • Social Prescribing case studies 
  • Mapping Social Prescribing across the World 


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