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Social Prescribing Champions

Social Prescribing Champions are vital to our work.Get involved today and make a difference.  

As a Social Prescribing Champion you will:  

  • Raise awareness and profile of social prescribing within your workplace, locality, region, and/or nation ¬†
  • Connect with social prescribing link workers to co-design solutions to local challenges¬†¬†
  • Support consistency of messaging and latest evidence on social prescribing¬†
  • Connect with multidisciplinary team members¬†¬†
  • Support primary and secondary care collaboration for social prescribing¬†
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How do I become aSocial Prescribing Champion? 

Social Prescribing Champions are identified through a structured nomination process. Both external nominations (from colleagues, organisations, or friends) and self-nominations are accepted.  

With nominations on a continuous, rolling basis, without any set deadlines. 

Step one: Nomination form

Complete the nomination form on behalf of yourself or a colleague to begin the process of becoming a Champion 

Step two: Monthly review 

Our team will undertake a review of all applications on a monthly basis 

Step three: Communication of outcome 

You will be contacted with the outcome of your nomination via email 

Step four: Champion induction 

Successful nominees, now recognised as Champions, will be sent a lanyard and pin badge as a token of our appreciation and a symbol of your role and inducted onto the programme by our team  


We look forward to hearing from you. 

For further questions or any additional detail please get in touch directly with us at [email protected]


Find out more about the background of the Champions scheme and read the evaluation for the 2022 - 2023 programme. 

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