The Story So Far

There’s still much more to do.But here’s a quick look at what we’ve achieved so far…

  • Supported hundreds of ‚ÄėSocial Prescribing Clinical Champions‚Äô working to raise¬†awareness and champion social prescribing in¬†22 clinical and non-clinical¬†disciplines.

  • Delivered the ¬£1.8 million Thriving Communities Fund supporting local¬†communities across the country to deliver high impact social prescribing activities,¬†engaging over¬†10,000 people.

  • Led the delivery of the ¬£5.77 million cross-Government Green Social Prescribing programme to scale up and embed nature-based social prescribing across local health systems.¬†

  • Worked with Social Prescribing Link Workers to create resources that evaluate and demonstrate the impact of their work.¬†

  • Worked with some of the country‚Äôs leading academics to collate robust research and to identify gaps in evidence. Our evidence shows that social prescribing can have a positive impact in many ways. And that it can save costs for the NHS. These reviews have helped to underpin policy and inform Government plans,¬†including the¬†Major Conditions Strategic Framework.¬†
  • Generated huge interest in social prescribing across communities, industry, and Government. Social prescribing now plays a key role in the strategies and plans of¬†many national organisations¬†- including NAVCA, Sport England,¬†Historic England, Natural England, Independent Age, Arts Council¬†England, the National Centre for Creative Health and the Money¬†and Pensions Service.¬†

  • Raised awareness of social prescribing. Surveys show that social prescribing is increasingly understood by the public, with 19% of people in England¬†recognising the term ‚Äúsocial prescribing‚ÄĚ. Government survey showed 97% of doctors¬†feel ‚Äúfavourable‚ÄĚ towards social prescribing in primary care.

  • Connected 30 countries and the World Health Organisation for knowledge sharing and learning through our International Social Prescribing programme.

  • Established a multi million pound fund for music and dementia and a framework for social prescribing shared investment funds.¬†

  • Set up a Healthcare Integration Programme to support health and care providers and partnerships to embed social prescribing.¬†

What does our evidence say?

Various academic research and studies including matched control have shown;  

  • 12% Reductions in GP appointments¬†¬†

  • 15-20% Reduction in secondary care costs¬†¬†

  • Return on investment of ¬£3.50 for ¬£1 invested¬†

  • Measurable improvements in wellbeing, physical and mental health¬†¬†
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How we stay accountable

Our annual report includes a breakdown of how we have delivered on our mission. And how we have worked to meet the commitments set out in our strategic plan.  


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