Five men and woman of varying ethnicities stand and put their hands together

25/04/2022 Webinar: Overcoming barriers to engagement

Overcoming barriers to engagement in social prescribing activities is essential to ensure people are able to fully benefit. From making your project as welcoming as possible, to working with volunteers who can ‘buddy’ people when they first join, and how to promote your activities so they reach the right people.

This webinar brings together expertise and lived experience from those who have found innovative and effective ways to reach people in communities, and supported them to take part.

Our speakers from the voluntary and health sectors will highlight some of the main barriers they’ve addressed and share examples and best practice of how they have been overcome in a social prescribing context.

This webinar is for:

  • Anyone developing activities in which some people may struggle to engage, or anyone interested in learning tips and approaches from projects around the country. You might be from a community or voluntary group, a charity, the NHS, or a local authority.


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