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13/03/2023 Social Prescribing Show 2023

9th March 2023 not only marked #SocialPrescribingDay, but was also our second annual Social Prescribing Show. Hosted by the Southbank Centre, it was a chance for doctors, link workers, voluntary sector staff, charities and funders to get together and discuss how we can work together to push social prescribing forward, to improve the health of our communities in the UK and worldwide. 

Catch up on the full show, including keynote speeches, interactive sessions, performances and panel talks:

  • ‘How do we build social prescribing into the heart of communities, ensuring communities are at the heart of social prescribing?’ Chaired by Tom Watkins (East of England Regional Lead, NASP) & Esther Watts (South-East Regional Lead, NASP)
  • ‘Funding and Investment for a sustainable social prescribing future’ Chaired by Sarah Metcalfe (Managing Director of the Utley Foundation and NASP Trustee)
  • ‘Hope for the Future’ Devised and delivered by Social Prescribing Student Champions
  • ‘Addressing world wide challenges: Global developments in social prescribing’ Chaired by Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca (Global Social Prescribing Alliance Development Lead) and James Sanderson (Director of Community Health and Personalised Care, and NASP Strategic Advisor)
  • 'ENO Breathe' Join the English National Opera as they discuss and lead an interactive taster session of their ‘ENO Breathe’ programme, a breathing and wellbeing programme for people recovering from the effects of COVID-19
  • 'Innovation in Social Prescribing' Panel chaired by Joshua Ryan (Head of Thriving Communities Programme, NASP), this panel will be discussing the future of Social Prescribing, what’s needed to ensure that Social Prescribing continues to create momentum across the UK, and key developments across the pillars of Social Prescribing
  • ‘Living in challenging times: Is social prescribing the answer?’ Chaired by Dr Radha Modgil (Broadcaster and Strategic Advisor & Ambassador at NASP)
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Panel talks, performances and keynotes

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