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Our Values

We're the charity that champions social prescribing. Our values reflect our ambition: we want people to live the best life they can. 

Our Values

We valuebelonging

We are dedicated to embedding and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout our work, and celebrating difference in our teams and beyond.  

We promote social prescribing as a way to support marginalised and excluded communities, to promote belonging, and to address inequalities. We recognise we have more to do and further to go to challenge imbalances of power and privilege that create barriers and discrimination within social prescribing.  

We are currently working on an Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging strategy to turn these aspirations into meaningful action. 

We valuecollaboration

Meaningful relationships are at the heart of social prescribing. We seek to build, enhance and sustain fruitful partnerships and networks, locally, nationally and globally, across the social prescribing movement. 

We valueambition

We are ambitious for the communities we work with, aiming to maximise the contribution of social prescribing. We seek to drive the movement to its full potential by being bold, creative and innovative. 

We valuecuriosity

Learning, listening and gathering evidence underpins everything that we do. We bring people together to discover what works in social prescribing, share good practice, and build collective knowledge that can deliver real impact.  

We valueintegrity

We trust in our communities and partners and seek to be a trusted part of the social prescribing movement. We share our thinking and our work openly, challenging ourselves and others to be better, encouraging feedback and reflection when we fall short. 


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