18/06/2024 Social Prescribing Around the World

Social Prescribing Around the World provides a unique, global perspective of the development of social prescribing across different health systems, with a focus on health inequality, equity and justice.

This global report was brought together by the International Social Prescribing Collaborative (ISPC), an international community of practice comprised of over 32 countries, founded and supported by the National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP).

The first edition of the report had a limited release in 2023. Now, a substantially expanded edition, covering an additional seven countries and 31 in total, is available to all.

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Charlotte Osborn-Forde, CEO, National Academy for Social Prescribing, said:

“This report highlights the remarkable global progress of social prescribing over the past year. Despite diverse contexts, political structures, and health care systems, a unifying and consistent approach emerges: the need for holistic, patient-centred care addressing individuals' health-related social needs and 'what matters' to them.

“Amidst mounting challenges to health care systems and human health, social prescribing offers optimism and hope, pioneering an alternative approach that builds on people's resilience and strengths while capitalising on and regenerating community resources.”

Example case studies from the report include

  • Emerging formal social prescribing initiatives in Nigeria embedded within a larger focus on community-based health services, outreach and engagement. Some programmes have utilised folk songs as a non-medical intervention to promote positive health behaviours and wellbeing. 
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups is establishing a youth led healthy community through social prescribing. In 2023, the Wellness PLUS Complex was launched as a service to empower young people. It offers personalised care to young people with health concerns, prescribing sports, nutrition, and mental health programmes.
  • Researchers and academics in Malaysia have published widely on social participation and its positive effects on older adults’ wellbeing.
  • There have been advancements in Poland towards proactive personalised care and disease prevention programmes suggesting wider future support for social prescribing implementation.
  • The Social Prescribing Portugal network launched in 2024 with institutional support from the NHS Executive Board, Portugal Social Innovation, Social Security Institute, Directorate-General for Health, Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Coordination and Development Commission, and Platform Health in Dialogue, aims to increase understanding of social prescribing nationwide.
  • In the US, health sciences students have begun driving momentum toward social prescribing practice and policy.
  • International Programme

    The international programme is for organisations, experts, and professionals at the forefront of social prescribing across the globe.

    We want to help communities thrive. To improve health and wellbeing at a grassroots level. And to reduce health costs, while providing better, more person-centred solutions. Wherever you are in the world. 

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