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Social Prescribing & Me

Many things that affect our health can’t be fixed by a medical prescription. Like loneliness, isolation, or problems with money, housing or employment.

Social prescribing means connecting you to activities, groups and support that make a difference. From walking groups to debt advice, it’s about what matters to you.

Social prescribing can help you overcome the challenges that are holding you back. It can help you get active, develop confidence, and take control of your health.

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How social prescribing can help

Hundreds of thousands of other people have got help through social prescribing – for loneliness, anxiety, depression and a range of physical health conditions.

How to get support through social prescribing

Most GP practices across England can put you in touch with a Social Prescribing Link Worker (sometimes called a Social Prescriber).

Link workers get to know you, help you understand the challenges you face, learn what matters to you, and help you make a plan for how to improve your health and wellbeing.

This could involve supporting you to take part in activities or groups in your community, or finding services that can help you tackle practical problems affecting your health.

In some areas, you can also find out about link workers through a local website or on the phone.

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