24/08/2021 Window Wanderland inspires neighbours to bring light and colour to their windows

Two people admire houses with windows decorated with coloured paper and lights
Winter Wanderland

How uplifting it was in spring 2020 to see rainbow paintings popping up in windows everywhere! Since then, there’s been a growing recognition of just how useful windows can be to connect with our communities and loved ones. 

The team at Window Wanderland, an award-winning social enterprise, has been helping communities to create window art galleries for their neighbourhoods to enjoy since 2015.  

Born out of social isolation and a need to connect to the local community, Window Wanderland increases community engagement, improves wellbeing through creativity and reducing loneliness. Here’s the feedback from our organisers in 2020/21:

  • 100% state that Wanderlands bring the community together;
  • 90% of organisers say they feel more connected to the community;
  • 95% of participants (window makers) say it has boosted their sense of wellbeing and /or confidence;
  • 75% indicate it reduces isolation;
  • 75% say it helps community groups get more local engagement and 49% of participants say that they were more likely to take part in other community events;
  • 63% of participants said it inspired them to be more creative.

The project has grown from one Wanderland in Bristol at the start to 93 between September 2020 and March 2021 right across the UK and beyond. 

It’s completely inclusive – professional artistic training is not required! Wanderlands could be a great addition to any community. They involve grassroots organising and genuinely increase community engagement and wellbeing.

Window Wanderland can help you in lots of ways, including project management, online workshops or regular project support, as well as providing resources such as art supplies, stencils and colour packs.

A house window decorated with colourful paper showing a sunset
A Window Wanderland project

Window Wanderland on The One Show

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Alison Belshaw is the project coordinator of Window Wanderland.

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