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04/07/2024 New training to support Older People facing financial hardship

The National Academy of Social Prescribing and Independent Age have joined together to offer Social Prescribing Link Workers bespoke training on Supporting Older People facing financial hardship. They have co-designed the training which will cover three topics: Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit and the social implications of financial hardship for older people. The 'social Implications' section incorporates awareness of:

  • food insecurity, 
  • fuel poverty, 
  • financial management, 
  • digital exclusion, 
  • social vulnerability.

Social implications are highlighted to provide a sound understanding of how financial hardship may impact on an older person's life, what a Social Prescribing Link Worker may need to be aware of and how they could help. 

The training was tested with Social Prescribing Link Workers. See the below feedback.

An excellent piece of training for any Social Prescribers wanting to know more about supporting Older People facing financial hardship. The facilitators were knowledgeable, the content interesting and participants were engaged throughout. Thank you.
Susie Purslow, Lead Social Prescribing Link Worker
Cheltenham Peripheral PCN

Please register to attend using the link for your chosen date. If there are no longer any spaces, you can add your name to a waitlist via the link: 

Please note as well as the usual feedback about the content and delivery of the training, we will also be collecting post training activity for project evaluation purposes. We will send out a form at the end of the training and a reminder 2 and 3 months after, this is to collect a 3 month tally of older people helped with your training. Questions will cover your level of knowledge before and after the training, the numbers of older people supported, which of the 3 topics you supported, your actions and the outcome.

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  • Briefing and Rapid Evidence Review

    Older People

    As the proportion of older people in our population continues to rise, it is important that the health and social care system is able to meet their needs. Social prescribing can support older people with poverty in five main ways: supporting food insecurity; supporting fuel poverty; supporting financial management; supporting digital inclusion; supporting social vulnerability.


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