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02/05/2024 NASP webinar: Who are the Connectors in your community?

Do you believe that everyone deserves access to the support and resources they need to thrive? Unfortunately, people are sometimes unaware of the support available to them, resulting in missed opportunities and cycles of disadvantage and inequality.

In this session we explore the vital role of Connectors in bridging this gap. Connectors are the individuals within our communities who simply signpost friends, family, colleagues and strangers to places where they can find out about support and opportunities. Whether they are taxi drivers, students, or support group members, Connectors can play a crucial role in helping people find the information they need.

Connectors can be trained to let people know how to access their local Social Prescribing Link Worker, and they often work closely with Social Prescribing teams, helping to strengthen a local offer and ensure that there is a joined-up approach with different routes to support.

Speakers presented strategies for empowering Connectors within communities to share information effectively. They also shared real-life stories from the ground about how Connectors have been supporting communities by working towards making resources accessible to all.

The session launched a new Connectors Toolkit, for individuals and organisations who want to implement or adapt a Connector programme.


  • Julia Hotz Author of The Connection Cure
  • Jenny Hartnoll, Health Connections Development Lead at Frome Medical Practice
  • Dr Helen Kingston, Senior Partner at Frome Medical Practice
  • Caroline Blake, Community Connector
  • Dr J.R. Baker, Chair at ASPIRE Australian Social Prescribing Institute of Research and Education
  • Nicola Marshall, Chief Officer at Knutsford Together
  • Desi Gradinarova, Senior Policy Adviser at Historic England and Head of Historic Environment at National Academy for Social Prescribing
  • Asiya Odugleh-Kolev, Technical Officer, Community and Social Interventions at World Health Organisation (WHO)
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