30/08/2022 14 wellbeing tips from link workers for link workers

14 wellbeing tips from link workers for link workers

How do social prescribing link workers make sure they have enough energy to help others?

At NASP, we know what a fantastic job link workers do, working with people to get to the bottom of what’s making them unhappy and unhealthy.

Social prescribing could not revolutionise healthcare without the hard work of link workers. They liaise between health networks, the voluntary sector and other members of the community to deliver personalised care that puts individuals in control of their health and wellbeing.

As crucial members of our community themselves, their wellbeing is equally important as the people they work with. So what do link workers do to ensure they too are living healthy, happy lives?

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Link Worker Wellbeing Tips

Ask for help

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Speak to a trusted colleague
  1. ‘If you have had a difficult case, speak to someone about it and don’t feel like you have to take it on alone.’ – Caitriona
  2. ‘Be honest when you’re struggling, and ask for help.’ – Claire, Whitstable

Work life balance

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Balance is key
  1. ‘Avoid burn out by spacing out annual leave.’ – Christopher, Preston North
  2. ‘Build in social time with family or friends each month – when you can forget work and relax/laugh…’ – Angela, Hampshire
  3. ‘Feed your body and soul. Eat well to help your physical body and read, go for walks, listen to music, do art, dance, journal, anything positive that helps to improve your mind and emotions.’ – Gay, Southwark
  4. ‘It is tempting to check phones at home, follow up emails, or plan the day ahead the night before. However, it is important to have a healthy work/life balance. I find the commute between work and home is often a good way to decompress and change our metaphorical hats from that of work, to home life.’ – Zoe, Chesham

Check in with the team

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A team catching up over breakfast
  1. ‘We hold team meetings face to face, somewhere comfortable where best practice is discussed (without naming clients). We tend to do this over breakfast.’ – Heidi, Sefton

Spend time in nature

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A nice walk in nature
  1. ‘Make time to go to green and blue spaces, whether it is right out in the countryside or a local park. Take time to breath and rest, noticing the way your senses react to what is around you. Let go completely and practise trying to stay in the moment, letting go of all the stresses and worries of the day.’ – Jacqueline, Crawley
  2. ‘We’ve put on two nature connection and wellbeing days for link workers, where we hosted Forest Bathing, wild swimming, paddle boarding and woodland yoga.’ – Jane, Surrey

Establish boundaries

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  1. ‘Make realistic timescales and goals and remember you are just one person.’ – Anon
  2. ‘Having clear boundaries with clients about roles and expectations right from the start can help with protecting both yourself and the client. It also massively helps with managing your workload.’ – Vicky, Burnley
  3. 12.‘Give yourself permission to not know everything and learn the sentence “I’m not sure about that, I will look into it and be back in touch”.’– Adele, Preston North

Small things go a long way

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Treat yourself
  1. ‘Wear a nice perfume or have a cloth with your favourite smell on to help ground yourself throughout the day.’ – Sarah, Brighton
  2. ‘Download an app to encourage good breathing techniques – Headspace is a great one.’ – Hayley, Chorley

If you need support with your wellbeing, please see the resources below:

Healthcare Workers’ Foundation – A charity that provides a range of support for healthcare workers.

Mental Health at Work – Toolkits and resources for mental health and wellbeing.

Kings Health Partners - A health and wellbeing toolkit for health and caring professionals.


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