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15/05/2024 Student Champions Scheme promotes social prescribing in curricula

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Since its inception in 2016, the Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme has been at the forefront of transforming healthcare education in the UK. By emphasising the principles of social prescribing, personalised care, and addressing the wider determinants of health, the scheme has made remarkable progress in reshaping the curricula of future healthcare professionals.

Fast forward to the present, the Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme has evolved into a multi-center national project. Led by passionate healthcare trainees and students, the scheme has garnered support from key national organisations including the National Academy for Social Prescribing, NHS England and the College of Medicine, to name a few. This collaborative effort amplifies the scheme's impact and reflects the widespread endorsement of its mission.

What can students do?

Students have the power to reshape the narrative around overprescribing and promote the integration of social prescribing into curriculum. Here are some actions students can take:

  1. Advocate: Engage with professors, curriculum committees, and student organisations to highlight the need for a comprehensive education that addresses overprescribing and promotes a patient-centred approach.
  2. Connect: During clinical rotations, reach out to the social prescribing link worker in your GP practice. Take the opportunity to learn about their role and its impact on patient care.
  3. Engage: Share informative tweets, Instagram posts, or articles highlighting the benefits and evidence supporting social prescribing to your network.
  4. Apply: Consider applying to become a Student Champion in the Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme! Champions actively contribute to the promotion of social prescribing and collaborate with other passionate individuals.

Embracing social prescribing can help shape a healthcare system that is more holistic, patient-centred and sustainable.

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