09/09/2021 National Academy for Social Prescribing publishes annual report 2020/21

The National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) was established to advance social prescribing. Today it has published its first annual report, covering the year to 31 March 2021.

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Person centred support through social prescribing

James Sanderson, Chief Executive of NASP, said:

“This year has been extremely challenging for those working in social prescribing, however, I am enormously proud of the support they have provided to communities. Much of our work this year has sought to support, champion and promote this work, such as though our flagship Thriving Communities programme, and the establishment of our regional leads.

Looking ahead, we look forward to the development of our innovation accelerator programme, which will seek to support national community and voluntary organisations to become active members of the social prescribing community and our work to showcase the benefits of social prescribing at a national and international level”.

Promotion, collaboration and innovation

NASP is dedicated to the advancement of social prescribing through promotion, collaboration and innovation. We work to create partnerships, across the arts, health, sports, leisure, and the natural environment, alongside other aspects of our lives, to promote health and wellbeing at a national and local level. We will champion social prescribing and the work of local communities in connecting people for wellbeing.

Our aim is to highlight and promote social prescribing at a local and national level. We do this via our strong connections within government, our experience and links with local and national community and voluntary organisations, and expertise outside of government.

The past year has been productive, with the formation of an organisational framework, structures, processes and staff, and the launch of key flagship programmes such as Thriving Communities and our ambassador programme.

Bev Taylor, Director of Strategy at NASP, said:

“NASP could not do its work without the support of our partners and the social prescribing community, inside and outside government. We are grateful to the Department of Health and Social Care for their active support and all our partners, including arms-length bodies, government departments, and to the wider social prescribing community who freely and openly provide their views, advice and time.

We very much value these contributions, and are indebted to our staff and regional leads, past and present. We look forward to taking this work forward in the next financial year”.


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