Tileyard Impact: Bridging the gap between creative education and creative careers

Tileyard Impact is the work experience programme from the Tileyard studios, taking young people from local estates, schools and colleges and introducing them to real work creative industry projects This increases their experience and networks while introducing them to the creative environment.

Wizdom is Managing Director of Tileyard Impact which is bridging the gap between creative education and creative careers. Wizdom was an artist for 17 years and then moved into Youth Work, running the Arts for London Charity XLP. After being involved in the setting up of ELAM School and the Big Music Project Wizdom returned to the Music Industry to try and open the doors from the inside out, utilising the power of music and creativity not only for improved employability but self-worth and empowerment.

In June 2019 Tileyard Impact supported the Yxung Creatxrs team of young people from CYP (Copenhagen Youth Project) who ran the youth stage at Cally Fest, a local street festival on the Caledonian Road, London.

In this video, Wizdom – as head of Tileyard Impact and the coordinator of Urban Partners Next Generation Group – is working to connect Kings Cross businesses with local young people aged 16-25.

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Published 11th November 2020


Managing Director
Tileyard Impact