9 November 2021: Thriving Communities webinar – Global Social Prescribing Alliance


This Thriving Communities webinar was run in partnership with the Global Alliance.  


NASP is working with the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNSGII) to establish a Global Social Prescribing Alliance which aims to spread the word of social prescribing globally, linking this to the implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  


The Alliance aims to raise awareness of social prescribing by forming alliances, work with others and share innovative approaches to “enable thriving communities to deliver a social revolution in their health and wellbeing while generating value”.  


We heard about activity from Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Korea, Japan, and more. The webinar focused on areas including:


  • How healthcare needs to start on in our homes, not hospitals 
  • The importance of looking at the psychosocial needs, not just biomedical 
  • How to build community and local infrastructure so that the resources are available to work in connected ways 
  • How a unified approach can help push the social prescribing agenda forward to be a full health revolution 
  • The research behind social determinants of health and aligning health and social care for success 
  • Practical models and ideas from around the world 
  • Barriers to access, whether they are physical, geographical or cognitive, and how we build an inclusive offering