NASP webinar 

Take a breath with social prescribing 

14 June 2022, 3-4pm 

In this webinar we will explore the benefits of yoga and mindful exercise for people’s physical and mental health and how people can access these through social prescribing. We will hear from two organisations helping people through yoga and other mindful forms of physical activity. We will also have a short yoga session as part of the webinar in which everyone can take part. 

We will hear from: 

Yoga on Prescription – a social prescribing success story 

Yoga can be an effective social prescribing intervention to support NHS patients to make lifestyle change and lower risk of chronic disease. Yoga offers movement, relaxation, mindfulness, social connection and stress release. Recognising the potential benefit, the NHS commissioned the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YIHA) to create a 10-week protocol, Yoga4Health, to be evaluated by Westminster University. In this session Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa from Harvard Medical School will review the evidence for yoga efficacy in healthcare, while YIHA founders Heather Mason and Paul Fox will share the findings from the Westminster study and discuss how yoga can be effectively delivered on social prescription. Participants will also take yoga through some basic yoga components of the programme that can offer stress-relief and improved flexibility. 

Emma Lowther-Wright, yoga and dance therapy teacher, will tell us about the Thriving Communities funded social prescribing pilot bringing together people aged 4 to 99 through truly accessible dance classes. 


Heather Mason, Director, Yoga In Healthcare Alliance 

Paul Fox, Chief Operating Officer, Yoga In Healthcare Alliance 

Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School   

Emma Lowther-Wright, Mandala CIC