National Academy for Social Prescribing webinar 24 May 2022, 9.30-10.30am

Measuring and Communicating Results with Impact 

In this webinar we looked at:

  • Why evaluation is critical to understanding the difference you’re making
  • How it can help you plan services and projects by refining your aims and objectives
  • How it can help you learn and adapt your future activities
  • Its importance to the wider system as it helps build the evidence base for social prescribing
  • How it can also help you make the case to beneficiaries, partners and funders

We looked specifically at what evaluation means within social prescribing and what outcomes can be usefully measured to take into account the impacts on people, systems and communities. We talked about some of the approaches and tools which are available for you to use in your evaluations.

We discussed the particular challenges of evaluating social prescribing interventions, whilst outlining some of the key outcomes that can help build the evidence base and grow the movement.

We heard from Ingrid Abreu Scherer from NASP and Marie Polley from the Social Prescribing Network, and Joe Lyon’s, Foundation Chief Executive, West Ham United Foundation.