NASP webinar 22 February 2022 

Libraries and Social Prescribing Innovation

We heard from:

Sue Williamson, Director of Libraries, Arts Council England  

Ann Cleeves, author and founder of the ‘Reading for Wellbeing’ project  

Sue Ball MBE, Libraries Connected  

Graham Simpson, Active Luton – Working with diverse communities and the local library to transform space use and grow the libraries offer for social prescribing  

Rachel Marsden & Lisa Ford, Culture Coventry  

This webinar explored some of the innovations in literary and library social prescribing practice that have been happening in 2021/22. We heard from Thriving Communities Funded projects Active Luton and Culture Coventry, and the approach they are taking with their social prescribing and libraries service provision. Sue Ball MBE of Staffordshire Libraries spoke about the Universal Offer which all libraries work to enable and the arts and health remit within this. And we were joined by author Ann Cleeves who started the innovative Reading for Wellbeingproject which involves literary social prescribers. 


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Also useful is a list of references focussing on the impact of reading and sourced by The Reading Agency