June 2021 Thriving Communities webinar – Heritage and Social Prescribing

We heard from:

  • Dr Desi Gradinarova, Historic Environment Lead at NASP and Senior Policy Adviser (Wellbeing) at Historic England 
  • Dr Linda Monkton, Head of Wellbeing & Inclusion at Historic England 
  • Helen Shearn, Helen Shearn Associates (Consultancy, evaluation and production in Arts, Culture, Health and Wellbeing), who will talk about planning piloting programme on social prescribing through heritage in Kirkham 
  • Jane Brooke, Fundraising Manager, East Kent Mencap (Ramsgate), who will tell us more about using Enriching the List for wellbeing and social prescribing projects in the South East 

There is growing evidence about the wellbeing benefits of connecting with our heritage and history – both on individual and on societal level. Whether we realise it or not, our health and wellbeing have always been deeply connected with our heritage. Not only does it offer us places to go and be active, explore and learn about our past, but it actually brings us together, allows us to connect with memories, connect with neighbours and friends, learn more about each other and strengthen our feelings of belonging and identity. 

Historic England is now building on that evidence and is exploring practical ways of unleashing the wellbeing potential of the historic environment for community wellbeing. One of these ways is by developing links to the social prescribing infrastructure and creating guidance on how to undertake wellbeing projects through heritage. Historic England partnered up with NASP to support the promotion of social prescribing and make the case for the wider benefits and the social value of heritage and the historic environment.