April 2021: Developing the Referral Pathway for Social Prescribing

Sarah Paine – Midlands Regional Lead  

Philippa Buchanan – Inspirative Arts Director and Creative Expressive Specialist  


In this webinar we heard from colleagues in the Midlands who are developing a model to support appropriate referrals to match people’s needs.    


In this webinar we learned 

  • What social prescribing is and why the need is so great. 
  • How we can map skills and knowledge of providers with a way that captures the breadth offered and meets people’s needs. 
  • Navigating the language commissioners use. 
  • Creating support and supervision so that practitioners and clients feel physically and psychologically safe. 
  • The use of standardised assessment tools and monitoring tools, and how social prescribing offers more nuanced discussions. 
  • The person-centred approach and how it results in more appropriate referrals. 
  • The way appropriate referrals make the most of NHS provision. 
  • How the new model being piloted in the Midlands works. 
  • How you can get involved in the consultation process. 


All of these factors create an innovative, sometimes complex, but also inspiring approach to personalised care.