March 2021 Thriving Communities webinar Developing Creative Partnerships Across Sectors

Chair: Jim Burt, Head of Partnerships, National Academy for Social Prescribing  

Joseph Lyons, Chief Executive, West Ham United Foundation  

Tim Joss, Founder and Chief Executive, Aesop  

Charlotte Hadden, Dance Leader at Dance for Health 

In this Thriving Communities webinar we look at how VCSE organisations can develop creative partnerships, coming together to help people come with recovery from COVID-19, reduce loneliness, and be part of something bigger. 

Our speakers covered: 

  • How many VCSE groups are already doing work that aligns to social prescribing.  
  • The value in building trusted partnerships between public and community sctors that are aligned to the integrated care systems. 
  • Why we need trust and transparency for honest and open relationships. 
  • The ‘rippling effect’ of social prescribing and how interventions and support can change lives in the long term. 
  • How to understand funding models and health systems. 
  • Why community led population health is essential for wellbeing. 
  • Producing a shared understanding of solutions that meet specific need, and how funding flows as a result.  
  • Getting up to speed on needs of NHS, commissioners, and the language they use. 
  • How social prescribing addresses not only specific health problems but broader social and wellbeing agenda. 

By creating partnerships across the sector VCSE groups are able to meet the needs of their communities, and support the NHS to address the health issues that they are facing. 

Watch the video here to find out more. 

If you have any questions about the topics discussed in this webinar, and want to hear how other VCSE groups have addressed them, visit our Thriving Communities Network.