NASP webinar 22 March 2022, 3-4pm 

Addiction and Social Prescribing

Addiction is an issue affecting people and their families in communities across the country. Government figures for England show that between April 2020 and March 2021 there were 275,000 adults and 11,000 young people in contact with drug and alcohol services, whilst there are estimated to be 600,000 adults with alcohol dependency and 300,000 users of opiates and crack cocaine. 

It is not only a common, but a complex problem. With 17% of adults entering treatment saying they had housing problems, and 63% saying they needed help with their mental health, these figures suggest that those suffering from addiction need interventions which will do more than simply help with their addiction.  

Social prescribing is well placed to help people in need of this kind of support.

In this webinar we heard from:

Dr Samantha Duggan, Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group for 12 Steps Recovery 

Justine, member of 12 steps recovery fellowships 

Fraser, member of 12 steps recovery fellowships 

Molly Mathieson, Founder and Chief Executive, New Note Projects 

Stephen Windmill, Social Prescribing Link Worker, Central Watford PCN 

Janet Davis, Substance Support Worker, Meadowell Clinic 

We heard powerful personal testimony about the impact of addiction on people’s lives, as well as from the 12 Steps Fellowship, New Note Projects, and Meadowell Clinic who are all working to help people on the path to recovery.

Poll results:

1.How many 12 step (Anonymous) fellowships have you heard of?
Just Alcoholics Anonymous 84 49%
1-4 69 40%
5-8 12 7%
8+ 8 4%
2.How many 12 step fellowships do you know are available in your area?
Don’t know 87 50%
1 27 16%
2-3 37 21%
4+ 22 13%
3.For those in relevant roles, have you ever referred to a 12 step fellowship?
Yes 61 35%
No 112 65%