Two women converse in sign language, a pot of tea is the the foreground

06/06/2024 NASP webinar: RNIB and SignHealth talk sensory impairments and social prescribing

This session, led by two leading sensory impairment charities, RNIB and SignHealth, talks about accessibility, support and signposting for disabled people within social prescribing.

The SignHealth session, led by Chief Executive James Watson-O’Neill, centred around the question: How do we keep learning, and challenging ourselves to know more and do better within social prescribing when working with disabled people? Are we recruiting a diverse range of colleagues and encouraging everyone to safely be themselves within social prescribing? Are we using a medical or a social model of disability? Are we ready to recognise peoples’ intersectional identities? James spoke about the importance of identifying difference, using the correct language, and having the courage to call out practices that might be creating barriers.

Jacqueline Price, Partnerships & Development Manager (East Midlands & East of England) at RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) shared how we can support people with sight loss to engage with social prescribing. Jacqueline spoke on the prevalence of sight loss, the main risk factors for sight loss and key strategies for prevention. Learn more about the importance of identifying visual impairment amongst the people being supported by social prescribing activities, and be asked to consider the experience of people with visual impairment with regards to the accessibility of information and how to meet the relevant legal requirements. Gain an insight into the support and services provided by RNIB and how to access further information, including how to connect people to expert help and information.

This session is an opportunity to learn how to better support all people through social prescribing.


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