We want social prescribing to thrive across the whole country – a vibrant, innovative and ambitious movement, connecting communities, and mobilising hundreds of thousands of people and organisations with a shared commitment to transforming lives.

As outlined in our Strategic Plan, A Social Revolution in Wellbeing, we will achieve this by promoting social prescribing – providing a powerful voice for the many thousands of people, communities and organisations working so hard across the country to deliver daily support to people.

We’re working with high-profile leaders to discuss the power of social prescribing, and how social prescribing activities have made a positive impact on their lives.

Podcast on Prescription

Join Dr Radha Modgil, GP, broadcaster, author and Social Prescribing Ambassador, as she discusses the power of social prescribing with a special guest each week, through a brand new podcast: Podcast on Prescription.

You can also listen on all mainstream streaming platforms including:
Or search ‘Podcast on Prescription’.

One Good Thing

We’ve been working with Dr Radha Modgil to talk about One Good Thing that we can do to support our health and wellbeing, as part of social prescribing. Read her blogs and check out the tweets to find out more.