Our Academic Partnership and International Evidence Collaborative are bringing together the leading researchers in the field of social prescribing to ensure that the evidence on social prescribing is more accessible, useful and compelling.

As outlined in our Strategic Plan, A Social Revolution in Wellbeing, there is a large and growing evidence base for social prescribing. However, as a relatively new research field, this is not yet comprehensive and it is not always easy to find the information you need. This is hindering the growth of social prescribing at a time when demand is growing.

So, we have established an Academic Partnership and a wider International Evidence Collaborative for social prescribing, bringing together some of the leading researchers in this field to help us build an evidence base that is more accessible, useful and compelling.

We, and our academic partners are working closely with NHS England, NHS Improvement and other partners to start to summarise and share existing evidence more effectively, and to identify and address the key evidence gaps.

The core members of our Academic Partnership at the moment are: The University of Plymouth’s National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration South West Peninsula, The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, based in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care, University of Oxford; University of East London; Sheffield Hallam University; The Social Prescribing Network;  University of the West of England; and University College London and the National Centre for Creative Health.

So far, our Academic Partnership has helped us to:

  • work with people across the social prescribing pathway to prioritise where evidence would help social prescribing to thrive
  • produce an initial set of evidence summaries on the first six priority themes, with nine more on the way.
  • start to create a roadmap of the key research and evidence that is needed to help inform social prescribing policy, practice and research.
  • establish our International Evidence Collaborative as a network for anyone with an interest in social prescribing evidence, both UK and internationally, to help inform our evidence work and enable collaboration around common research agendas.

Register your interest in joining NASP’s International Evidence Collaborative, a stakeholder group and network for anyone interested in improving the evidence for social prescribing, and facilitated by NASP’s Academic Partnership.

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