Community of Practice 

National and regional voluntary organisations and social enterprises are at the heart of the Accelerating Innovation programme. Our Community of Practice comes together to share learning, make new connections with peers as well as health and care systems, and form working groups on areas of challenge and opportunity.

Over 90  voluntary organisations have signed up to the Community of Practice since September 2021 boasting a wide range of collaborations and services which provide vital support to communities across the country.

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FoodCycle – bringing people together to share surplus food and conversation

Carers UK’s partnership with Rotary Great Britain & Ireland

Community of Practice member benefits include: 

  • A series of online learning sessions via webinars and workshops
  • Online tools and guides to successful innovation designed with network experts
  • Advice on learning, evaluation and evidence to showcase the full impact of activities on people’s lives particularly where health inequalities are addressed
  • Monthly newsletter and news exchange
  • Deep dive working groups to address specific challenges and opportunities

Catch up on our webinars and workshops:

Financial Wellbeing and Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing and the role of Integrated Care Systems

Housing and Social Prescribing

“We are delighted to be part of The Accelerating Innovation
Community of Practice as it enables  Rotary Great Britain and Ireland to
work with others at the leading edge of Social Prescribing.
This increases our Capacity and Effectiveness in helping our Local Communities
throughout the UK and Planning for the Future.”

Dr Cheryle Berry MBE PHF OStJ.

Co Team Leader Humanitarian Service
Rotary Great Britain and Ireland

“Carers UK are delighted to be part of the Accelerating Innovation Community of Practice and to be engaging in conversations about how we can connect more of the 8 million plus unpaid carers in the UK with vital support.”

Michael Shann, Head of Membership and Volunteering, Carers UK

Registrations for the Community of Practice have now closed.

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