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James Day – Thriving Communities Regional Lead (SW)
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Orchestras in Healthcare

A new report reveals almost two thirds of professional orchestras are working in health, wellbeing and social care across the UK. Key findings:
> Almost two thirds of professional orchestras surveyed (63%) deliver work in health, wellbeing and social care settings across the UK. Of the remaining 37%, most stated that they wish or have plans to do so in the future.
> 50% are working in hospitals (31% in acute settings, 19% in chronic settings)
> 22% are working in mental health settings
> 31% are working in social care settings

I have been amazed at how quickly, willingly and efficiently both sectors and organisations have diversified their offers to meet the needs of communities over the past year and it is fantastic to see this report highlighting the impact orchestras and musicians are having within health and social care.

Collaboration is integral to making change and impact. I would love to know some of your key success stories through collaboration?

Read the full report here.