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Zoë Freedman
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42% of UK adults admitted they are sitting for at least 14 hours longer a week, a new poll from ukactive has revealed.
– 78% of UK adults have spent longer sitting down per day during lockdown
– 42% of respondents have spent more than two hours a day longer sitting
– 27% report sitting for more than three hours extra per day
– 15% say they are sitting for more than four hours extra per day

What steps can we all take to make sure we break up long periods of sitting?

I know it’s tough. I’ve been working from home since returning to work from maternity leave in May last year. With a toddler too there’s no time in the day for exercise. So I try and get out for a walk as my lunch break as many days of the week as I can. What other ideas have you got for stopping sitting down so much?