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Zoë Freedman
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Hi, I’m Zoë Freedman. I’m the Thriving Communities Network Officer at NASP.
What do I do? I’m setting up the Thriving Communities network, running webinars and working on the Ideas Hub. I see Thriving Communities and this network in particular as a fantastic opportunity to connect up grassroots VCFSE organisations working really hard in their local communities, to offer them support and the chance to link up with others in their areas.
A little more about me: I’ve come to NASP from the Personalised Care Group at NHS England where I’ve worked since 2017. Before that I was an opera singer and singing teacher – bit of a radical career change! As with most people in the arts I had various jobs over the years including Orchestral Manager, Recycling Promoter, and Travel Planning Advisor! I also did a degree in English and Theatre Studies many moons ago. I was going to end with ‘in my spare time I like to…’ but I have an 18 month old so don’t know what spare time is anymore.