Jōbu – working out for charity

Bruce Eley, founder of Jōbu, tells us about how he founded the social enterprise, and about the ‘nudges’ which can help motivate people to exercise.

Why workout for charity?

As a believer in how outdoor social physical activity can help people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing I set out on a mission with my son to study how we can motivate people from all backgrounds and abilities to more active more often. 

Luckily, University of Bath is on our doorstep. We ran into Dr Gareth Wiltshire who helped us dive into the realm of research studies and social science. We learned that the effects on not only individuals, but also family, friends and the local community are significant, including reducing crime, increasing education levels and fewer visits to the doctors and hospital. We also learned that physical activity improves vaccine effectiveness! 

The challenge was now how to motivate people to get active and stay active. We trawled through 100’s of research studies from all over the word to identify the common denominators for motivation. We identified the Jōbu Super 7 .

The next challenge was how to guide people towards these 7 foundations. I have been studying and been a proponent of behavioural science for 10 years. Again we turned to studies to identify ‘nudges’ that can be used to encourage people to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. One of the Jōbu Super 7 and a big nudge is to support a charity you feel passionate about. When you give repeatedly to others, the joy doesn’t diminish much over time. 

If you would like to have a chat about how to implement some real nudges to improve and maintain uptake of physical activity then we freely share our knowledge and would love to help. 

Top tip: If you make it enjoyable, they will come! 

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Published 27 July 2021

Bruce Eley