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Healthcare Students

Students studying Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery or Allied Healthcare are the key to the development of social prescribing.You are the future.

As the charity that champions social prescribing, we want you to know we are here for you. We want to provide all the support and guidance we can. To give you the knowledge, tools and networks you need to make a change.聽

聽We鈥檙e working hard to answer your questions, to build new resources, and develop new evidence that will help.聽

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The Student Champion Scheme

The National Social Prescribing Student Champions Scheme was set up by medical students in 2016.聽

Since then, more than 350 Champions have engaged with over 20,000 medical students, allied healthcare professionals, young doctors and trainees, spreading the word about social prescribing and helping to ensure that it is part of the curricula at universities across the UK.聽

We have supported the scheme since our formation as a charity, alongside NHS England and Improvement, the Social Prescribing Network and the College of Medicine.聽

We offer bursaries to student champions each year, and help them to raise awareness about the benefits of social prescribing at the institutions where they are studying. These students oversee the recruitment of hundreds of social prescribing student champions at universities across the UK.

The Scheme now includes students training to be doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, such as occupational therapists, pharmacists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, radiographers and physiotherapists, to name a few. Applications for the next group of student champions open in September 2022.聽

If you would like to get involved in promoting social prescribing at your university or college, follow@SP_champScheme.

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Your Questions Answered

How can I implement social prescribing in my work?

Become a Student Social Prescribing Champion. Applications open at the start of every academic year and we accept two students from each course at every university in the UK. You just need to have an interest in social prescribing and a passion for helping others.聽

Or visit our evidence page to see how the research supports social prescribing.聽

Read the evidence

Can NASP help me with additional/ongoing training?

We have regular online and in-person events and webinars. These are designed to help you provide the best possible service. You鈥檒l find details of upcoming over on our events pages. And you can listen back to previous sessions. You can also explore our resources and evidence.聽


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