Jōbu – working out for charity


Bruce Eley, founder of Jōbu, tells us about how he founded the social enterprise, and about the 'nudges' which can help motivate people to exercise. Why workout for charity? As a believer in how outdoor social physical activity can help people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing I set out on a mission with my son  to study how we can motivate people from all backgrounds and abilities to more active more often.  Luckily, University of Bath is on our doorstep. We ran into Dr Gareth Wiltshire who helped us dive into the realm of research studies and social science. We [...]

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Sport on! Sunderland’s Social Prescribing Partnership’s approach to physical activity


Sunderland’s Thriving Communities partnership is always looking at ways to push the boundaries when it comes to movement and sport. We all know the physical and mental health benefits and have seen first-hand the improvements that physical activity can have on individual and community health. Sunderland Social Prescribing Manager, Vicki Kennedy says: ‘We want to continually challenge the norms around ageing and disability and have been testing creative innovative physical activities for everyone. We’ve programmed silent disco’s for children with special educational needs and disabilities, dance for those at risk of trips and falls and last year even [...]

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Green social prescribing pilot gets people back outdoors in Plymouth


As part of the Green Social Prescribing project in Plymouth, Argyle Community Trust are currently delivering a range of weekly activities which aim to encourage people from the local community to become more physically active and get back into the great outdoors. The project is based in the largest park in Plymouth, Central Park, which has a range of types of nature, as well as sports and recreation opportunities for all interests. There are a variety of activities provided to ensure a wide cross section of the local community can be engaged with including older people at risk [...]

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Social prescribing brings football home to communities


Football projects through the Thriving Communities Programme Fund are helping individuals and communities tackle loneliness, improve wellbeing and recover from COVID-19  It will help support people to stay connected and maintain their health and wellbeing   Social prescribing sees football being offered as a tool to manage health conditions  As footballing stars take to the pitch for the final of the European Football Championships, and fans gather round to enjoy the camaraderie of getting behind the national team, we’re reminded of just how powerful football can be.   And across the country the benefits of football are being seen at a grassroots level, through innovative social prescribing projects.  Social prescribing is the process of a [...]

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Cycle Happy – getting people back on their bikes


Stephen Matthews, Founder of Cycle Happy, tells us how he came up with the idea and what the charity hopes to achieve. I came up with the idea of Cycle Happy during the second lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic. Cycle Happy is a registered charity offering cycling activities to improve health and wellbeing, forming a small but important part of a person’s wellbeing plan by offering the support for people to enter the outdoors in a structured and safe way. Cycling for me was an activity that was linked to my childhood, but I re-found my love [...]

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Run Talk Run – helping people’s mental health through physical activity


Jess Robson, founder of Run Talk Run, talks about how she started the organisation and how they've coped during the pandemic. Run Talk Run was created in 2017 on the back of a year weighed down with depression. Having opted for formal therapy, medication, and other “tickbox” self care strategies without much luck, I discovered one thing which helped a lot - talking about my mental health whilst on a run. I searched for support whereby I could move and talk about my hard days, and negative thoughts but couldn’t find a space that felt right to me in my depressed state.   [...]

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Goldies Live – fun, free sing-a-longs from the sofa


The Goldies Charity are well known and loved for our daytime Sing&Smile sessions. These sessions, prior to the lockdown, numbered 220 groups across England and Wales, reaching 3500 people every month. These fun social sing-a-long sessions, alongside intergenerational activities, Age Awareness days, concerts and festive celebrations, aim to combat isolation with older isolated and often vulnerable people, building stronger communities and supportive friendships. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant the temporary closure of all Sing&Smile sessions across England and Wales from March 2020. But we adapted quickly with the launch of our first ever digital service - GoldiesLive - [...]

Goldies Live – fun, free sing-a-longs from the sofa2021-07-13T12:37:25+01:00
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