Green social prescribing pilot gets people back outdoors in Plymouth


As part of the Green Social Prescribing project in Plymouth, Argyle Community Trust are currently delivering a range of weekly activities which aim to encourage people from the local community to become more physically active and get back into the great outdoors. The project is based in the largest park in Plymouth, Central Park, which has a range of types of nature, as well as sports and recreation opportunities for all interests. There are a variety of activities provided to ensure a wide cross section of the local community can be engaged with including older people at risk [...]

Green social prescribing pilot gets people back outdoors in Plymouth2021-07-20T12:19:11+01:00

Tackling Minds – how fishing is helping people’s physical and mental wellbeing


David Lyons from Tackling Minds tells us about what they’ve been doing to improve physical and mental health in the north west region. They are part of the Rochdale Social Prescribing Network who are using funds from the Thriving Communities Programme to develop a holistic programme of activities to help individuals in their community gain better physical and mental wellbeing. “Tackling Minds was formed in November 2020, in the scenic area of Littleborough, overlooking Hollingworth Lake. A group of anglers who were experiencing or had experienced mental health problems were inspired to start the organisation, knowing first hand [...]

Tackling Minds – how fishing is helping people’s physical and mental wellbeing2021-05-11T10:33:10+01:00

Help Gardening4Health connect people to gardening


As a GP and both a keen gardener and a trainee in Garden Design I have long been aware of the benefits that come from gardening and horticulture for both myself and my own well-being, but more importantly for that of my patients. The COVID-19 pandemic and the UK lockdown in 2020 saw a rapid growth in the wider use of gardening to maintain mental and physical well-being for many people. Moreover, there has been a steady growth in recent years of organisations across the UK that provide social and therapeutic horticulture for service users. People living with [...]

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Norfolk Green Care Network: connecting people with nature


Norfolk Green Care Network’s mission is to connect people with nature. Carlyn Kilpatrick and Nigel Boldero launched this initiative just over 12 months ago. As a network, we bring together 200 projects, people and organisations who believe in the power of connecting with nature and are actively involved or interested in fostering Green Care. Green Care is an umbrella term for nature-based interventions including care farming, conservation, walk and talk groups, horticulture etc. Understandably like every other area and project, our network also had to put some plans on hold when the lockdown first started. Soon it was [...]

Norfolk Green Care Network: connecting people with nature2021-06-08T08:58:29+01:00

Health and Wellbeing and the Natural Environment


A breath of fresh air – why is it good for us? COVID19 has made many people re-evaluate what is important to them. Being in lockdown cooped up inside for 23 hours a day certainly made me appreciate how much I needed to be outdoors to lift my spirits and keep me fit.  Many of you feel the same way and connecting with nature has seen a resurgence in popularity as people recognise how it helps them. And it is not just a feeling, the evidence points to multiple physical, mental and social benefits of engaging with nature. [...]

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