Forgotten Veterans


Forgotten Veterans UK (FVUK) is a Portsmouth based charity, supporting those currently serving in the armed forces, veterans and their families nationally throughout the UK, and within the PO1 to PO6 postcode areas.  At Historic England’s Fort Cumberland site (Grade II listed 18th c. artillery fortification and a Scheduled Monument) the local section of the charity Forgotten Veterans utilised the potential of the fabulous location and the local military heritage to build a Respite Centre for Veterans and their families - a unique facility that has helped hundreds of veterans since its establishment in 2018. Forgotten Veterans have leased and successfully restored several historic casemates [...]

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FMCP Club – combatting loneliness in people with neurological conditions


 Jacqui Barbet-Sheilds, founder and trustee of the FMCP Club, tells us about the work of group.  The FMCP Club is a support group for people with conditions such as ME, multiple sclerosis, functional neurological disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Addison’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and other neurological conditions. These conditions often cause loneliness and isolation, and we work to combat that. I founded it in 2011 and it has since grown to have over 100 members in Surrey and Sutton.  Many people with fibromyalgia, for example, struggle with the condition for years without being diagnosed.  It often takes a conversation with someone or an article in the press to alert them to fibromyalgia as a possible cause for their condition. FMCP Club are working to raise awareness of the condition [...]

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Slough CVS – supporting wellbeing through creativity


Slough CVS has been organising initiatives to help connect clients with low to moderate levels of depression, anxiety, stress, isolation, and loneliness, to focus their energy on a positive activity. The Thriving Communities  Supporting Well Being through Creativity offers a  range of activities from community link groups covering health, exercise, arts, music dance, chats, environmental understanding, happiness get-togethers and more.   Activities include arts and crafts sessions, Connect Programmes: Exploring identity and self-expression in a creative way, and cultural and social community activities, such as singing sessions. This will help overcome barriers to mental wellbeing, by enabling clients to focus their energy on creative and positive activities.    Slough CVS [...]

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Your Leisure Kent – supporting people with dementia or memory loss


Your Leisure Kent is a not-for profit leisure trust with charitable objectives based in East Kent.  We are committed to helping improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we work within through activities, set both within our centres and out in the community.  Through experience we know that the best way to achieve this is by working in partnership with other organisations and listening to communities. Throughout the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns we know that disabled people and people with underlying or long term health conditions have been greatly impacted upon.  Groups that already had significant [...]

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Wild Being for health – a social prescribing offering in Reading for 300 people boosted by funding


An extensive programme of arts, culture, nature, physical activity and life advice including pop up sessions, English language conversations, and gardening sessions  Funding for Wild Being, offering holistic programme for health for 300 people   A long-term vision for social prescribing and sustainable networks    Wild Being is a project led by Reading Voluntary Action, with varied partners coming together to deliver a holistic structure of support in the region covering the social prescribing pillars of arts and culture, nature, physical activity, and life advice. The funding from Thriving Communities will enable them to extend their social prescribing offering.    “There is already a vibrant social prescribing network in Reading, which involves over 80 organisations providing holistic social, physical and cultural activities to improve wellbeing and [...]

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Prescribe to thrive – embedding social prescribing in Hove for 100 residents and practitioners


Building on existing successes in West Hove, an area vulnerable to COVID-19’s impact Working with partners The Hangleton and Knoll Project, BHCC Active for Life, Citizens Advice, Creative Future and researchers at Coastal Creatives Tailored social prescribing boosted by funding  Aligned with parallel CCG- and City Council-funded projects for long-term impact  100 residents will access social prescribing to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing   Creation of a community-owned model for increasing impact of Social prescribing in a deprived neighbourhood  West Hove is home to many innovative organisations doing great work in creativity and wellbeing. However, social prescribing is under used by [...]

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Help Gardening4Health connect people to gardening


As a GP and both a keen gardener and a trainee in Garden Design I have long been aware of the benefits that come from gardening and horticulture for both myself and my own well-being, but more importantly for that of my patients. The COVID-19 pandemic and the UK lockdown in 2020 saw a rapid growth in the wider use of gardening to maintain mental and physical well-being for many people. Moreover, there has been a steady growth in recent years of organisations across the UK that provide social and therapeutic horticulture for service users. People living with [...]

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