422 Community Hub – reopening an iconic Victorian building


The Mechanics Institution Public Hall, Library and School was built in an age (1880) before state education. When cholera was endemic, and poverty was rife. Probably inspired by the writings on the Manchester working man by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. It was the second free public library in England and along with the other facilities transformed the fortunes of numerous generations.  It enhanced the work of Sir Edwin Chadwick, born opposite the building, who founded the Poor Laws Board and persuading the Government to pass an Act requiring factory owners to provide 3 hours schooling for working [...]

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Talking Tables by Friends@Chorley


Hayley Hughes at Chorley Council tells us about their befriending service Friends for You. At Chorley we have a fantastic befriending service called Friends for You. This group supports 180 people every week (including during the pandemic) with regular contact. From the feedback we know that people are anxious about getting back out of the house and having company, as unfortunately people have also experienced loss in their social and family groups. Confidence has reduced so they need help and support in be able to make social connections again.  Friends@Chorley have worked with local cafes, including some community [...]

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Tackling Minds – how fishing is helping people’s physical and mental wellbeing


David Lyons from Tackling Minds tells us about what they’ve been doing to improve physical and mental health in the north west region. They are part of the Rochdale Social Prescribing Network who are using funds from the Thriving Communities Programme to develop a holistic programme of activities to help individuals in their community gain better physical and mental wellbeing. “Tackling Minds was formed in November 2020, in the scenic area of Littleborough, overlooking Hollingworth Lake. A group of anglers who were experiencing or had experienced mental health problems were inspired to start the organisation, knowing first hand [...]

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Over 100 people in diverse communities to benefit from social prescribing in Trafford, Manchester


Varied programme of activity covering all elements of social prescribing  Based in local co-op that already engage many of the local community  Robust plan for long term integration, boosted by funding from Thriving Communities Fund  Offering arts and culture, nature, physical activity, and life advice, through eight projects, in an area that has been badly affected by COVID-19    Friends of Stretford Public Hall (FOSPH) is a community-owned co-operative who run the hall as a multipurpose arts and community venue in the Trafford area in Manchester. They will work alongside St John’s Centre, a charity based in a church hall in Old Trafford, and North Trafford Primary Care Network, to deliver an innovative [...]

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Getting involved in my community turned my life around


About four years ago, I was sitting at home contemplating the fact that I had nothing to look forward to other than really waiting to die. I was a full-time carer to my very disabled husband and had significant health problems such as COPD, asthma and angina and had totally written myself off. I couldn’t be bothered to go out, to see anyone, to engage with anyone, and on reflection I think I was probably very very depressed. The only activity that I had which I enjoyed was taking my little dog, Pip, who was a registered pets [...]

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