Dr Hills’ Casebook – combining heritage, arts and wellbeing through creative activities


The Restoration Trust began the Dr Hills' Casebook project at the beginning of May 2020, connecting with people wanting to find out more about participating in a project that combined heritage, arts and wellbeing focused through creative activities.  By early July 2020 thirteen people, many of whom were referred through the South Norfolk & Broadland Councils – Community Connectors social prescribing service, had signed up to take part in Dr Hills Casebook, all of whom are participants still engaged to date.   Dr Hills' Casebook, is a project that combines history, mental health, creative writing and theatre. A partnership between the Restoration Trust, Norfolk Record Office, South Norfolk Council and UpShoot Theatre Company. It [...]

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Luton gets active in libraries with a funding boost


A rich programme of arts and culture embedded in Luton’s libraries  A specially curated programme of activities for children, young people and adults to address grief, improve mental health, increase skills & confidence and develop friendship networks.  Combines traditional library activities with unconventional offering. An area of deprivation impact by COVID-19 and economic uncertainty    Active Luton has been running social prescribing services since 2018, but COVID-19 has impacted the trust’s ability to develop a bespoke cultural offer for Luton communities. The Thriving Communities fund provides a perfect opportunity to develop this area of work during 2021. And it will all be done through that much loved [...]

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Norfolk Green Care Network: connecting people with nature


Norfolk Green Care Network’s mission is to connect people with nature. Carlyn Kilpatrick and Nigel Boldero launched this initiative just over 12 months ago. As a network, we bring together 200 projects, people and organisations who believe in the power of connecting with nature and are actively involved or interested in fostering Green Care. Green Care is an umbrella term for nature-based interventions including care farming, conservation, walk and talk groups, horticulture etc. Understandably like every other area and project, our network also had to put some plans on hold when the lockdown first started. Soon it was [...]

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Isolation Blanket Provides a Lifeline During Lockdown


When we are born, we are wrapped in a blanket. When we die, we are covered with a blanket. Traditionally a large wool covering for warmth on a bed, the blanket has a meaning that is so much more. As a child, a blanket is often used in times of comfort when they are poorly or upset. It is used for soothing, calming and as a kindness gesture, and can often become a favourite possession that a child is both physically and emotionally attached to. ASCEND is an award-winning community charity based in South Oxhey, Hertfordshire. We support [...]

Isolation Blanket Provides a Lifeline During Lockdown2021-06-01T12:23:28+01:00
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