Re-engage- Rainbow call companions


Rainbow call companions was launched on 14th March 2022 and is still ongoing nationally. The project was set up in response to our research which has shown that: Older LGBT+ people are less likely to have intergenerational relationships and children. Older LGBT+ people will find that their family of choice is sadly dwindling. LGBT+ older people are more likely to live alone. Older gay men find youth-centric spaces make them feel overlooked. For older lesbians, all too often they see loneliness as the price they have to pay for their sexuality. For those who are open, moving into a care home and [...]

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Firstsite, Holiday Fun


Sue Hogan, Programme Manager, Learning and Education  Firstsite is in Colchester and Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre in Tendring, both in Essex. The project began in 2017 and is now delivered every school holiday.  Holiday Fun is a creative response to Holiday Hunger.  After learning that families were struggling to feed their children during school holidays, and that around 25% of families in Colchester were living in poverty, we met with members of African Families in the UK – one of our community partners who suggested we deliver a project with food at its heart, and so Holiday [...]

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Befriending Networks


Befriending Networks are the national intermediary and network for Befriending organisations in the UK: the only UK organisation to offer specific befriending advice, information, and a recognised Quality in Befriending award, alongside befriending specific training. This is achieved through our small but dynamic eight members of staff who provide a wide range of skills and experience, promoting strong volunteer management practices and governance. Established in 1980, our network has grown to support over 360-member organisations providing a wide range of befriending services. Our Purpose is to: Provide a high standard of information, training, and consultancy in relation to [...]

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Sense Virtual Buddying


The Issue We know isolation disproportionately affects disabled people, and this is the problem we’re trying to solve. Sense research prior to the pandemic shows that 53% of disabled adults and 77% of disabled young people feel lonely every day, and nearly a third of non-disabled people avoid talking to a disabled person. More recent research by Sense has shown the impact the pandemic has had on loneliness levels for many groups in society, including disabled people, with many struggling without access to their usual support networks.  Now, 61% of disabled people experience chronic loneliness and 70% feel [...]

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Ageing Better Camden Connects with Older Men


Jo Stapleton,  Ageing Better in Camden, Good Practice Mentor, Outreach Specialist (Age UK Camden). Jo Stapleton shares findings from a Social action research report, commissioned by Age UK Camden, Outreach Service, part of the 2015-March 2022, Ageing Better in Camden programme funded by Lottery Community Fund. The report shines a light on the research undertaken across Camden with 36 older men engaged on the streets, in pubs and living in sheltered housing.   The project was created in response to a need to proactively find and engage with the older people ‘no-body knows’ through the outreach service. These were [...]

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422 Community Hub – reopening an iconic Victorian building


The Mechanics Institution Public Hall, Library and School was built in an age (1880) before state education. When cholera was endemic, and poverty was rife. Probably inspired by the writings on the Manchester working man by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. It was the second free public library in England and along with the other facilities transformed the fortunes of numerous generations.  It enhanced the work of Sir Edwin Chadwick, born opposite the building, who founded the Poor Laws Board and persuading the Government to pass an Act requiring factory owners to provide 3 hours schooling for working [...]

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Sex and Cancer


Sex and pleasure are the number one taboo issues for women and non-binary people living with cancer, and unfortunately the shame and stigma prevents people from getting help, putting them at risk of deteriorating physical and mental health.  More people are being diagnosed with cancer and survivorship is increasing. With more people living with and beyond cancer, sexual problems as a result of cancer treatment are becoming an increasing issue that needs to be addressed. Cancer, Sex and Intimacy is a support group funded by Macmillan, working to break the silence around sex for women and non-binary people [...]

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Menstrual Cycle Support on Social Prescription


Kate Shepherd Cohen, Founder and CEO of Menstrual Cycle Support, tells us about the project. We launched our free online Menstrual Cycle Support foundational course in January 2021 through just one primary care network in Cornwall (where our Founder and CEO lives) - it was instantly oversubscribed, with requests from patients and GP surgeries from all over the country (and further afield!) requesting access. Within six months, to meet the demand, Menstrual Cycle Support became available in every GP surgery in the county and this year - thanks to moving the content into a free-lifetime-access and on-demand course [...]

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Monuments Matter to People in Cornwall


‘Monuments Matter to People’ is an innovative project run by the Cornwall Area Of Natural Beauty (AONB), piloting wellbeing and social prescribing interventions through engaging with the historic environment in that beautiful region. It is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), with the support of Community Led Local Development. This project is also supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in connection with the AONB’s Monumental Improvement project - a wider initiative, which has been developed in partnership with both Historic England’s Heritage at Risk team and the local voluntary sector to help stabilise 40 scheduled monuments [...]

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Carers UK’s partnership with Rotary Great Britain & Ireland


Celebrating Carers UK’s partnership with Rotary Great Britain & Ireland There are an estimated 6.5 million carers in the UK supporting friends, family members or neighbours who are older, disabled or seriously ill. That is 1 in 8 adults. Caring is such an important part of life, it’s simply part of being human. Carers are holding families together, making an enormous contribution to society and saving the economy billions of pounds. Yet many are stretched to the limit – juggling care with work and family life, struggling to make ends meet and often battling with poor health themselves. [...]

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