YOUR Climate Needs YOU!


In September the Royal Horticultural Society launched its ‘YOUR Climate needs YOU!’ campaign to encourage gardeners to be more sustainable.  Here Richard Claxton, GP, gardener, and founder of the gardening4health directory, reflects on how gardening can be good for both people and the planet.    Ten months since its launch; the Gardening4health directory of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) has slowly but surely grown, its coverage spreading across the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.   Word of mouth and publicity in the GP and horticultural press, as well as from the National Academy for Social Prescribing, has encouraged more and more people to use it – and help me update it where they [...]

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Healthier You: the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme


Robert Perrement of Xyla Health & Wellbeing tells us about the NHS Diabetes Prevention programme (NDPP) which has recently been awarded an extension for self referral through the NHS, and his top tips for anyone managing the condition and seeking additional help.    As part of the NHS’s long term renewed focus on prevention, the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) is a free programme designed to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes for those identified as a high risk.     Type 2 diabetes is a common condition that causes the level of glucose (AKA sugar) in the blood [...]

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Victorious Women of Valiant Workshop: supporting survivors of domestic abuse


Janet Walker, founder of Victorious Women of Valiant and a domestic abuse survivor, tells us about the service she offers to other women who have been through similar experiences.    Victorious Women of Valiant Workshop is a three week series of four hour sessions designed to help women overcome the trauma of domestic abuse (DA) and reduce the mental health impact this may have caused.   As a DA survivor from an 18 year marriage, I have lived experience, and I identified key areas that helped me to recover from the trauma of the abuse. I wanted to use what I had learned and the skills I had developed [...]

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S2R Support to Recovery


 S2R Support to Recovery is an independent mental health and wellbeing charity, working across Kirklees, offering a range of wellbeing, creative and outdoor workshops. They are a partner in the Third Sector Leaders Kirklees - Well Connected North Kirklees, a Thriving Communities project providing a wide range of accessible, enjoyable activities to address urgent local health priorities including diabetes, obesity, and mental health.  Due to the Covid pandemic situation, S2R designed a diverse range of online and meet up health and wellbeing activities, that local marginalised communities could assess and take part in. Working in partnership with TSL we recognised that we had to meet this [...]

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Slough CVS – supporting wellbeing through creativity


Slough CVS has been organising initiatives to help connect clients with low to moderate levels of depression, anxiety, stress, isolation, and loneliness, to focus their energy on a positive activity. The Thriving Communities  Supporting Well Being through Creativity offers a  range of activities from community link groups covering health, exercise, arts, music dance, chats, environmental understanding, happiness get-togethers and more.   Activities include arts and crafts sessions, Connect Programmes: Exploring identity and self-expression in a creative way, and cultural and social community activities, such as singing sessions. This will help overcome barriers to mental wellbeing, by enabling clients to focus their energy on creative and positive activities.    Slough CVS [...]

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Physical activity helps people’s mental health in Plymouth


As part of the Green Social Prescribing project in Plymouth, Argyle Community Trust are currently delivering a range of weekly activities which aim to encourage people from the local community to become more physically active and get back into the great outdoors. It has also been found that physical activity has also had a positive impact on participant’s mental health, reducing social isolation and improving their overall wellbeing.  In particular, a Compassionate Café has been delivered, in partnership with St. Luke’s Hospice, throughout the summer aimed at supporting older people who are at risk of isolation and have also possibly recently gone through [...]

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Waterways and wellbeing


The Canal & River Trust will lead partners who are using the natural asset of the Nottingham & Beeston Canal to provide physical activity, art, heritage and food-based activities for local people.  It’s not just physical activity though. Their programme has supported people’s mental wellbeing too.  The Waterways & Wellbeing project in Nottingham has seen around 100 people taking part in paddleboarding and canoeing sessions on the canal running through the city. The sessions, run by waterways and wellbeing charity the Canal & River Trust, have given those taking part the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time on [...]

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Back on Track: Financial Shield


At the heart of most social problems is a financial one. Hanan Paganini explains how debt intervention is being integrated into social prescribing to help GPs support patients with long term health conditions and financial issues Hanan will be speaking at the Thriving Communities and Accelerating Innovation webinar on Financial Wellbeing and Social Prescribing on Tuesday 5 October 3-4pm. Register on Eventbrite here. I’m Hanan, one of the Financial Support Link workers for ‘Back on Track’, a pilot running in Lambeth and Southwark to improve the health and financial well-being outcomes for people who have, or are at [...]

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Helix Arts: Better Connect – from attendee to volunteer


Debbie Reed started her journey with Helix Arts around 2 years ago, slap bang in the middle of a pandemic. – and she is now an amazingly committed Helix Arts Volunteer for our social prescribing programme Better Connect supported through Thriving Communities. Better Connect is the Helix Arts led social prescribing programme working with a network of Community Voluntary Sector organisations who share values and ambitions for the role of arts and health. Better Connect involves a mixed cultural programme which prioritises and supports carers across North Tyneside. Helix Arts developed a relationship with First Contact Clinical (FCC) and [...]

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Finding what works for me at a visit to Thriving Communities Fund project


Dulcie Alexander, Thriving Communities Fund Programme Manager spent an afternoon with one of the Thriving Communities funded project partners, at a Dance for Mood Boosting. It prompted her to reflect both on what is working for the funded projects, and what works for her own mental health and wellbeing. Last weekend, before watching my cousin make the massive achievement of running the Brighton Marathon for Mind, I attended a Dance for Mood Boosting session on the Hangleton & Knoll Estate in Hove, part of the Prescribe to Thrive offer from Robin Hood Health Foundation. Supported by the Thriving Communities Fund, I [...]

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