Orchestras and UK health and wellbeing


Sarah Derbyshire MBE from Orchestras Live; Fiona Harvey from Association of British Orchestras and Matthew Swann from City of London Sinfonia give and update on how the UK’s professional orchestras are playing an increasingly active role in this country’s health wellbeing and social care sectors. It might come as a surprise to learn that the UK’s professional orchestras are playing an increasingly active role in this country’s health, wellbeing and social care sectors. Whether in acute and chronic hospital care settings, mental health settings, social care and care homes or Primary Care Trusts, this area of work has grown hugely in recent years [...]

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Building inclusive communities


As the first trustees of NASP, we launched our first strategy just three months ago, with the following opening line: “We want people to be able to live the best life they can. A life that is defined by them. Not one that is limited by the place in which they live, who they are, or the resources available to them.” Social prescribing presents a major opportunity to break down barriers and enable people to talk about and connect to what matters to them.  It cuts through institutional hierarchy and connects people at a human level to community support, with the [...]

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The real value of care: a reflection for Carers’ Week 2020


Bev Taylor, from NHS England’s Personalised Care team, has played a major role in gaining mainstream support for social prescribing across the NHS in England. Here she reflects on what she learnt from the unsung heroes in her life, who taught her what caring really means. When I started working on social prescribing at NHS England, nearly five years ago, I’d just lost my dad and my mum-in-law, on the same weekend, to cancer. They died within 30 hours of each other, which was awful, but at least meant we were dealing with everything efficiently, in one go! My [...]

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Never Waste a Crisis


Tim Anfilogoff, Head of Community Resilience for Herts Valleys CCG gives his reflections on Social Prescribing and Covid-19 in West Hertfordshire. In 2014, Herts Valleys CCG, in partnership with Herts County Council, commissioned four voluntary organisations to provide six community navigators.  This service was built on HertsHelp  which is a county-wide single point of access for expert triage to 12,000 entries on the community database.    The navigators soon showed the difference they could make ‘getting alongside’ people who needed - but would never ring – HertsHelp.  The service was expanded into the countywide Hospital and Community Navigator Service [...]

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Making people’s days


Alistair Clarke, MBE FRSA is chair of Social Enterprise Solutions writes about what it's like working in a social prescribing project during COVID 19. “I can’t use a computer. My husband could, but he died last November.” I’m on the phone to a woman in Blackpool in her 70s and I’m working on a social prescribing project in partnership with a number of GPs’ surgeries. I’m checking on her wellbeing, that she can access food and medication, and in that moment, I sensed how the harsh reality of recently losing a loved one combined with the Covid-19 lockdown had [...]

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The proven power of reading


Karen Napier, CEO of The Reading Agency, explains how the national charity’s Reading Well programme is tackling life's big challenges through the proven power of reading. Recent research from our World Book Night campaign shows that reading is proving more important than ever as the nation adjusts to life in lockdown. Nearly 1 in 3 people surveyed last month told us they are reading more in social isolation than ever before, with the percentage even higher for young people at 1 in 2. The BBC has reported evidence from libraries of a 63% surge in online library loans of [...]

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Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic validates the role of Social Prescribing Link Workers


This blog from Christiana Melam, CEO of the National Association of Link Workers sets out a compelling argument for recognising the role of social prescribing link workers in responding to the COVID pandemic.  If you are interested in finding out more about the organisation and how they support link workers join @nalwuk #LinkWorkerChat on 5th May, 6-7pm to learn more or contribute to discussions. Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic validates the role of Social Prescribing Link Workers Covid19 brought into limelight why we need Social Prescribing Link Workers and how essential their role is.  National Association of Link Worker’s members have reported [...]

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How Advicenow can help you help others


Amanda Finlay CBE, Chair of Law for Life, which runs Advicenow has written a helpful blog which provides a summary of lots of useful resources. This information may be particularly helpful for social prescribing link workers during the COVID period. Firstly I want to say thank you! As an older person staying at home in the coronavirus crisis, I want to thank all the social prescribing link workers and other wonderful people who are looking after so many in our community and to offer you some help. People already have so many needs for crucial information to help them [...]

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Music for people living with dementia in the Covid-19 lockdown


Grace Meadows, Senior Music Therapist and Programme Director, and Phil Hope, Senior Associate at Music for Dementia have written a blog to show how Music is a big part of Social Prescribing and how Music for Dementia 2020 is helping during COVID-19.  850,000 people living with dementia and their carers are inevitably experiencing increased anxiety at being unable to spend time with relatives and loved ones at this time. Many can no longer take part in their normal support groups and community activities, leaving people more isolated and disconnected. We’re social beings and for many people, not having that physical, [...]

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Time to Come Together


Nicola Gitsham, Head of Social Prescribing for NHS England and Improvement has given us some useful tips and resources to share with Link Workers in her new role within in NHS England and Improvement Last week saw my official first day as Head of Social Prescribing at NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE). I’ve been informally leading the work since Christmas, but I was looking forward to a gentle proper start, travelling the country and finding out what was working and how we could improve our social prescribing offer at NHSE. However, COVID-19 had other ideas and I have [...]

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