On the podcast: Daz Dooler


In the last episode of the current season of Podcast on Prescription, Dr Radha Modgil speaks to social prescribing link worker Darren (Daz) Dooler. Daz Dooler has worked for Live Well Wakefield for 18 months as a ‘Self Help Support Worker’. Having become involved in the Expert Patients Programme (formerly part of South West Yorkshire Partnership) and completing the General Self-Management Community Course, he moved forward to become a volunteer for the service and trained to become a tutor. He then went on to become a governor at SWYFT and started his own community group The S.M.a.S.H Society. Here he ensures [...]

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On the podcast: Justin Moorhouse


On our latest episode of Podcast on Prescription, Dr Radha Modgil speaks to comedian Justin Moorhouse. Describing himself as a 'comedian then dog walker then parent', Justin is a busy bloke! Normally found on the road touring up and the country for his comedy shows, Justin had to adapt through the pandemic and turned his hand to podcasting, volunteering and heading out into nature - while still making everyone he meets keel over with laughter. In this episode, Justin talks about how volunteering has helped his own mental health and why connecting with people is so important - specially to tackle [...]

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Making Caring Visible and Valued (Carers Week 7-15 June 2021)


Carers’ Week is the opportunity to think about the millions of family members and friends looking – unpaid - after people who couldn’t manage without their support. Although their efforts are often taken for granted, or completely unnoticed, if their help had to be replaced by the state, analysis1 in 2015 suggests the bill would be more than £132 billion - basically the cost of a second NHS! The pandemic and lockdowns have increased the pressures on carers: Carers UK’s second Covid survey, in October 2020, showed that 4 in 5 carers (81%) were providing more care than before lockdown. Most [...]

Making Caring Visible and Valued (Carers Week 7-15 June 2021)2021-06-08T11:49:50+01:00

Volunteers’ Week: The power of volunteering across local communities


My organisation, Burnley Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service (BPRCVS) formed in 1935 and has celebrated volunteer’s week for many years. Volunteers’ week in the UK was started in 1984 by Volunteer England and is now coordinated by NCVO (national council for voluntary organisations). It has, every year, provided a more formal and marked occasion and opportunity to say a massive thank you to the 1000s of people who give their time (and very often money) to help others who are less fortunate. They can volunteer for larger and better-known organisations such as the NHS or Age UK, but often [...]

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Podcast on Prescription with Kamal Hyman Ellis


On our latest episode of Podcast on Prescription, Dr Radha Modgil speaks to motivational speaker and spoken word artist, Kamal Ellis-Hyman.  With a passion for raising young people’s aspirations regardless of their circumstances. He has been a Youth MP for Peterborough, an Olympic Torchbearer and was awarded Peter Jones’ National Entrepreneur of the Year. Kamal founded Aim A Little Higher, and delivers assemblies, workshops and programmes based around themes of self-awareness, clarity of purpose and work ethic working with over 40,000 students across the UK.   Kamal himself transformed from performing less well than he wanted to in his mocks GCSEs to achieving 7A’s & 2A*’s and he now uses [...]

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On the podcast today: Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson


On our latest episode of Podcast on Prescription, Dr Radha Modgil speaks to the incredibly inspiring Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.  As well as a 5 x Gold medal winner, Paralympic Games competitor, world record holder, President of Sports Leaders UK, Chair of UK Active, Chancellor for Northumbria University, President of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Vice-President of the Local Government Association, and one our trustees, Tanni has many achievements and accolades under her belt.  In this episode, Tanni talks about the challenges she's faced throughout her career and how she’s motivated herself to get to where she has. With Dr Radha, they also discuss the ways social prescribing helps people's long-term health and wellbeing and the important role link workers have to support this.  Listen to the podcast now [...]

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Enriching the lives of people with dementia through music and the power of social prescribing


Grace Meadows is Director of the national campaign, Music for Dementia. Here, she discusses the valuable role that music can play in enhancing and enriching the lives of people with dementia and how that can be facilitated through social prescribing. Dementia Action Week is a perfect moment to be thinking about the vital role link workers can play in supporting people living with dementia to live as fulfilling a life as possible through socially prescribing music. One of the great joys of music is that it enables us to focus on what people can do, how they can contribute and be [...]

Enriching the lives of people with dementia through music and the power of social prescribing2021-05-20T18:05:01+01:00

Podcast on Prescription with Kevin Duala


On our latest Podcast on Prescription, Dr Radha Modgil chats to TV presenter Kevin Duala.  Kevin has been a footballer, a dancer and now as a TV presenter for the past 20 years, including presenting The One Show. One very notable campaign he was involved with was The One Show’s crutch amnesty, which encouraged people to return their aides when no longer being used. He also presented BBC1's consumer series Health: Truth or Scare, which debunks the headlines about the facts around health.  Kevin currently coaches young offenders between the ages of 18-24, as a life coach, for the Community Rehabilitation Company. These sessions engage young people in practical skills, [...]

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So where does social prescribing go from here?


Tim Anfilogoff is Head of Community Resilience at Herts Valleys CCG, and our Social Prescribing Regional Lead for the East of England. Here he looks at the crucial role of social prescribing in responding to COVID-19 and the lessons learnt for the future. “It’s been an incredible year”, says Gina, a social prescribing link worker in Hertfordshire. “I’m lucky to belong to an extended team who made hundreds of shielding calls, followed up patients needing support and received referrals from surgeries too:  230 this year which is amazing!” In the words of the Royal College of General Practitioners (General Practice in a Post-COVID World, 2020): ‘The [...]

So where does social prescribing go from here?2021-04-16T08:48:54+01:00

Supporting Financial Wellbeing through ‘Thriving Communities’


To mark Social Prescribing Day, Sir Hector Sants, Chair of the Money and Pensions Service reflects on their work with partners to support financial wellbeing through social prescribing  During the last year the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has been delighted to collaborate with the National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) on the new Thriving Communities Programme. The growth and investment in NHS social prescribing services, supporting wider person-centred needs alongside access to health services, resonates strongly with our work.  As the body of government responsible for providing guidance and help to people to – as our vision statement says – [...]

Supporting Financial Wellbeing through ‘Thriving Communities’2021-03-24T14:49:50+00:00
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