The Role of Volunteering in the Social Prescribing Journey


Principles to help volunteer-involving organisations plan with confidence The opportunity available For organisations offering social prescribing pathways, volunteering can play a positive role as part of a menu of opportunities you offer. The enhanced wellbeing benefits associated with positive, well-managed volunteering opportunities can offer much for those on a social prescribing pathway, including: improved life satisfaction increased happiness and decreases in symptoms of depression. These Principles are here to help you consider how best to create an offer and a pathway that works for the individual and maximises those wellbeing benefits. The [...]

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Cross-Government Green Social Prescribing Project- one year on


We are delighted to be supporting the cross-Governmental ‘Preventing and tackling mental ill health through green social prescribing’ project. Green social prescribing is the practice of supporting people to engage in nature-based activities to improve their mental health. Social prescribing link workers, or other professionals, connect people to community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support, based on a ‘what matters to you’ conversation. Green social prescribing includes both green and blue activities. These could include local walking schemes, community gardening projects, conservation volunteering, green gyms, open water swimming or arts and cultural activities which take place outdoors. These activities may be [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Physical Activity


This week Dr. Radha Modgil will find out about the connection between being physically active and improving our mental health and wellbeing. Our first guest is Keri-anne Payne. She is 3 time Olympic Open Water Swimmer & Olympic Silver medallist from Beijing 2008. Keri-anne retired from competitive swimming in 2017 after the Rio Olympic Games and founded 2 companies Triscape & Straight Line Swimming. Both are based around open water swimming and inspiring as many people as possible to take up this amazing sport. Keri-anne's main day job is tutoring an award winning Level 2 open water coaching qualification and [...]

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‘We Are Undefeatable’ – overcoming barriers to physical activity


Overcoming barriers to physical activity and how social prescribing could be the solution I’m Michelle Roberts, and I work for a group of health and care charities (The Richmond Group of Charities) overseeing a programme that aims to support people living with long-term conditions to be active. We’re coming to the end of a long, cold January and as is customary at this time of year, many of us have considered creating new habits over the last month; in particular many of us will have toyed with idea of increasing the amount of physical activity we do. For some of [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Financial Wellbeing


This week Dr. Radha Modgil will discuss the extremely important topic of financial wellbeing. Often a taboo subject, discussing our finances can be awkward for a lot of us. Often, not talking about money can have a devastating impact on our mental health. This week, Dr Radha will talk to three special guests about the connection between financial wellbeing and our mental and physical health. Our first guest, Iona Bain is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, speaker and author, and is the UK’s go-to voice on millennial money. Since founding the pioneering Young Money Blog in 2011, she’s gone on to [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Christmas Special: Loneliness


This week Dr. Radha Modgil will discuss loneliness with our guests on this Christmas special episode of Podcast on Prescription. Christmas can be a happy time for some surrounded by family and friends. For others it is not, often exacerbating feelings of loneliness. Our host and guests will discuss the impact that loneliness can have on our mental and physical health and how social prescribing can help alleviate these feelings. Our first guest, Tracey Crouch has been the MP for Chatham and Aylesford since 2010; she became the country's first Minister for Loneliness in 2018. Tracey is a practitioner of mindfulness [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Suzannah Lipscomb, Desi Gradinarova & Katrina Gargett


This week, Dr. Radha Modgil will be discussing the healing power of heritage with three special guests. Suzannah Lipscomb has endured a varied career. She is a Emeritus Professor at the University of Roehampton and she is a well-known as a broadcast historian too. She has written and presented a plethora of documentaries and series on channel 5, Netflix and the BBC and an award-winning podcast . Furthermore Suzannah is the author of five books, focusing on the sixteenth century. With Dr. Radha, she discusses how heritage can help maintain your mental health. Our second guest, Desi Gradinarova, is the Senior [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Dean Asplin and Dr Mark Wheeler


This week, Dr. Radha will be talking with  not one, but two special guests. Dean Asplin from the Angling Trust and Dr Mark Wheeler from iCARP will discuss how angling and social prescribing can improve mental wellbeing. Dean Asplin has worked for the Angling Trust (National Governing Body for Angling) for over 12 years and is responsible for the delivery of the Environment Agency, National Angling Strategic Services contract for the South of England. This involves supporting the delivery of 100’s of ‘Get Fishing’ events that engage approximately 7000 new participants per year. He leads nationally on the ‘Get Fishing for Wellbeing’ [...]

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Podcast on Prescription: Tom Watkins


Podcast on Prescription is back and to kick of season 2, Dr. Radha Modgil is joined by the inspirational Tom Watkins, the National Academy for Social Prescribing East of England Thriving Communities Regional Lead from Communities 1st. Tom is a Social Prescribing evangelist.  His love of the creative arts inspires his work to this day and he is a real believer that the power of creative thinking can change lives. He discusses in this episode with Dr. Radha, the power of the human story and how social prescribing can help change people's lives for the better. Together they explore how community [...]

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NASP welcomes new NICE guidelines for people with depression


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published new draft guidelines for how to identify, treat and manage depression. The guidance recognises the importance of having a 'menu of options' for the treatment of less severe depression. It recommends that doctors talk to patients about what would suit them best, including the offer of exercise, mindfulness or meditation sessions, as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). What matters to each individual At the National Academy for Social Prescribing, we welcome the new guidelines, which focus on what matters to each individual. Antidepressants and other medication can play an [...]

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