Freedom to Be – supporting shielding patients with creativity


The Freedom to Be programme was rapidly co-designed and delivered by the Free Space Project in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to an urgent request by two GPs to support “shielding” patients in Camden. These patients were defined at being at high risk of complications if they were to contract Coronavirus, and therefore extremely vulnerable and were required to shield and self-isolate. The Free Space Project are the in-house arts and community charity based within Kentish Town Health Centre in London. The charity came together with GPs across two of their supporting surgeries to creatively [...]

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Pilot programme in Southwark & Merton shows significant need for cross-sector working to support social prescribing


Carly Annable-Coop, programme manager at Performing Medicine, an initiative from charity Clod Ensemble, provides art-based workforce training programmes across the health and social care sector.   As interest, awareness and certainly the need for social prescribing becomes ever more important, as does the need to connect the different professional groups involved, and to facilitate access to a rich array of arts and cultural social prescribing offers, Performing Medicine recently led a successful pilot project across the London boroughs of Southwark and Merton in which we scoped, designed and delivered a workforce development programme for the three professional groups involved in social prescribing [...]

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Over 600 pieces of artwork created in lockdown will form new nationwide exhibition to highlight the power of art on health and wellbeing


Art by Post participants. Credits (L-R): Kate Elliott; Kate Elliott; Eoin Carey Art by Post: Unlocking creativity for our wellbeing launches at the Southbank Centre this September before touring nationwide for five months Creative responses from over 4,500 Art by Post participants have been selected and carefully curated for this one-of-a-kind exhibition The ambitious project is delivered in partnership with the National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) and supported by leading international health bodies, including the World Health Organisation, as well as 13 delivery partners and over 150 domestic referral partners The announcement comes as the Southbank Centre makes [...]

Over 600 pieces of artwork created in lockdown will form new nationwide exhibition to highlight the power of art on health and wellbeing2021-06-15T10:18:05+01:00

Dr Hills’ Casebook – combining heritage, arts and wellbeing through creative activities


The Restoration Trust began the Dr Hills' Casebook project at the beginning of May 2020, connecting with people wanting to find out more about participating in a project that combined heritage, arts and wellbeing focused through creative activities.  By early July 2020 thirteen people, many of whom were referred through the South Norfolk & Broadland Councils – Community Connectors social prescribing service, had signed up to take part in Dr Hills Casebook, all of whom are participants still engaged to date.   Dr Hills' Casebook, is a project that combines history, mental health, creative writing and theatre. A partnership between the Restoration Trust, Norfolk Record Office, South Norfolk Council and UpShoot Theatre Company. It [...]

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Musical Memories – Elevenses


Established in 2016 Musical Memories is a not for profit organisation based in Ryedale North Yorkshire,  created to give older people the opportunity to sing together and enjoy each other’s company with the aim of combatting loneliness and isolation. Never has this been more needed than in the past tumultuous year. When the COVID 19 pandemic struck in March 2020 MM quickly pivoted from delivering live in-person sessions in the community, ‘tooled-up’ and ‘up-skilled’ to create an online service and since then has delivered over 180  livestreamed sessions with over 25,000 views, reaching people in all parts of [...]

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Listen on – how listening to music helped me through lockdown


Jim Thomas, @Longhouseman Head of Workforce Capacity and Transformation at Skills for Care, tells us how listening to music through lockdown has helped his mental health. If music be the food of wellbeing - listen on. I know my quote is not exactly right, and I’m sure that Shakespeare fans will be bouncing up and down in their chairs but given the traumas of the last year I wanted to share one of the things that’s kept me going through loss, change, frustration, humour, lockdowns and, yes, love too. So why focus on the role of music? Close [...]

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Your Leisure Kent – supporting people with dementia or memory loss


Your Leisure Kent is a not-for profit leisure trust with charitable objectives based in East Kent.  We are committed to helping improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we work within through activities, set both within our centres and out in the community.  Through experience we know that the best way to achieve this is by working in partnership with other organisations and listening to communities. Throughout the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns we know that disabled people and people with underlying or long term health conditions have been greatly impacted upon.  Groups that already had significant [...]

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Dancing through lockdown


The Dance Network Association (dna) About dna… dna is a dance organisation that enables people to live more connected, joyful and aspirational lives through dance. Dancing with dna provides opportunities for people to improve their confidence and physical wellbeing, nurtures creativity and independent thinking and enhances friendships through social interaction. dna offers high quality, affordable dance to both the local community in Essex and the national community virtually. Come and see what dna has to offer visit: Dancing through with dna… Now reaching the anniversary of lockdown 23 March 2021 we wish to share with you a whole [...]

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The Power of a Smiling Session


Alison Jones is the Artistic Director of Shapeshifter Productions.  In this blog she talks about how she developed Smiling Sessions, singalong sessions for elderly people living in care homes or sheltered accommodation. I am a professional musician, and I have spent a lot of my formative years touring around the world. When I came back to London in 2007, I wanted to put something back into the community. Still passionate about the power of music, I took a small group of musicians to St Christopher’s Hospice in South East London and hosted a singalong session. I was amazed [...]

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A Prescription of Creativity


The Art Doctors are Leeds-based artists Alison McIntyre and Liz Stirling, with regular special guest appearances from consultants, specialists and junior doctors. The project aims to break down barriers to participation in contemporary art and explore the positive role of creativity in all our lives. Alison shares some of her memorable experiences and the inspiration behind the Art Doctors with us in her blog below. I have practised as an artist for over 20 years and Liz, co-founder of this initiative, is a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University in the School of Art, Architecture and Design. However, neither [...]

A Prescription of Creativity2021-03-09T09:26:45+00:00
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