Dementia, Music and Social Prescribing


National Lead for Older People at NASP - Emily Cousins - explains why NASP are starting a fund for grassroots music for dementia projects. This week in May (16th to the 22nd) is Dementia Action Week. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people living with dementia – in care homes and in the community - and it is now more vital than ever that individuals and families receive the care and support they need. The majority of us will be affected by dementia, in some form, in our lifetime. Research suggests as many as 91% [1]. Whether we [...]

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The Role of Volunteering in the Social Prescribing Journey


Principles to help volunteer-involving organisations plan with confidence The opportunity available For organisations offering social prescribing pathways, volunteering can play a positive role as part of a menu of opportunities you offer. The enhanced wellbeing benefits associated with positive, well-managed volunteering opportunities can offer much for those on a social prescribing pathway, including: improved life satisfaction increased happiness and decreases in symptoms of depression. These Principles are here to help you consider how best to create an offer and a pathway that works for the individual and maximises those wellbeing benefits. The [...]

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Cross-Government Green Social Prescribing Project- one year on


We are delighted to be supporting the cross-Governmental ‘Preventing and tackling mental ill health through green social prescribing’ project. Green social prescribing is the practice of supporting people to engage in nature-based activities to improve their mental health. Social prescribing link workers, or other professionals, connect people to community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support, based on a ‘what matters to you’ conversation. Green social prescribing includes both green and blue activities. These could include local walking schemes, community gardening projects, conservation volunteering, green gyms, open water swimming or arts and cultural activities which take place outdoors. These activities may be [...]

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Sense Virtual Buddying


The Issue We know isolation disproportionately affects disabled people, and this is the problem we’re trying to solve. Sense research prior to the pandemic shows that 53% of disabled adults and 77% of disabled young people feel lonely every day, and nearly a third of non-disabled people avoid talking to a disabled person. More recent research by Sense has shown the impact the pandemic has had on loneliness levels for many groups in society, including disabled people, with many struggling without access to their usual support networks.  Now, 61% of disabled people experience chronic loneliness and 70% feel [...]

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