Launching our newsletter, The Social Prescription


The National Academy for Social Prescribing has launched it's first newsletter, The Social Prescription,  our monthly round up of all things social prescribing. Read the newsletter online.  We want to hear from you! Suggest an article by emailing our team. Sign up to receive future newsletters, delivered straight to your inbox, at the bottom of this page!

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Goldies Live – fun, free sing-a-longs from the sofa


The Goldies Charity are well known and loved for our daytime Sing&Smile sessions. These sessions, prior to the lockdown, numbered 220 groups across England and Wales, reaching 3500 people every month. These fun social sing-a-long sessions, alongside intergenerational activities, Age Awareness days, concerts and festive celebrations, aim to combat isolation with older isolated and often vulnerable people, building stronger communities and supportive friendships. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant the temporary closure of all Sing&Smile sessions across England and Wales from March 2020. But we adapted quickly with the launch of our first ever digital service - GoldiesLive - [...]

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Help Gardening4Health connect people to gardening


As a GP and both a keen gardener and a trainee in Garden Design I have long been aware of the benefits that come from gardening and horticulture for both myself and my own well-being, but more importantly for that of my patients. The COVID-19 pandemic and the UK lockdown in 2020 saw a rapid growth in the wider use of gardening to maintain mental and physical well-being for many people. Moreover, there has been a steady growth in recent years of organisations across the UK that provide social and therapeutic horticulture for service users. People living with [...]

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Norfolk Green Care Network: connecting people with nature


Norfolk Green Care Network’s mission is to connect people with nature. Carlyn Kilpatrick and Nigel Boldero launched this initiative just over 12 months ago. As a network, we bring together 200 projects, people and organisations who believe in the power of connecting with nature and are actively involved or interested in fostering Green Care. Green Care is an umbrella term for nature-based interventions including care farming, conservation, walk and talk groups, horticulture etc. Understandably like every other area and project, our network also had to put some plans on hold when the lockdown first started. Soon it was [...]

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Why community activity groups need to be Learning Together


Esther Watts, the National Academy for Social Prescribing’s regional lead for the South East, reflects on the challenges community and voluntary organisations have faced during COVID-19, and how a new support initiative, Learning Together, aims to champion and support their work, to help them overcome these barriers. The lockdowns caused by COVID-19 have put a terrible strain on many community and voluntary organisations providing activities for their local communities. As the former lead in London for Dementia Friendly Communities at the Alzheimer’s Society, my own experience of working with community groups has given me some insights into how [...]

Why community activity groups need to be Learning Together2021-06-08T08:58:03+01:00
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