How Advicenow can help you help others


Amanda Finlay CBE, Chair of Law for Life, which runs Advicenow has written a helpful blog which provides a summary of lots of useful resources. This information may be particularly helpful for social prescribing link workers during the COVID period. Firstly I want to say thank you! As an older person staying at home in the coronavirus crisis, I want to thank all the social prescribing link workers and other wonderful people who are looking after so many in our community and to offer you some help. People already have so many needs for crucial information to help them [...]

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Music for people living with dementia in the Covid-19 lockdown


Grace Meadows, Senior Music Therapist and Programme Director, and Phil Hope, Senior Associate at Music for Dementia have written a blog to show how Music is a big part of Social Prescribing and how Music for Dementia 2020 is helping during COVID-19.  850,000 people living with dementia and their carers are inevitably experiencing increased anxiety at being unable to spend time with relatives and loved ones at this time. Many can no longer take part in their normal support groups and community activities, leaving people more isolated and disconnected. We’re social beings and for many people, not having that physical, [...]

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Time to Come Together


Nicola Gitsham, Head of Social Prescribing for NHS England and Improvement has given us some useful tips and resources to share with Link Workers in her new role within in NHS England and Improvement Last week saw my official first day as Head of Social Prescribing at NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE). I’ve been informally leading the work since Christmas, but I was looking forward to a gentle proper start, travelling the country and finding out what was working and how we could improve our social prescribing offer at NHSE. However, COVID-19 had other ideas and I have [...]

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National Emergencies Trusts provides £5 million funding to local groups responding to COVID 19.


The National Emergencies Trust has announced £5m of funding will be distributed to front line charities today helping those most impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, thanks to the generosity of the UK public, major charitable trusts and corporate donations. So far, around half of the £16m total pledged to the Coronavirus Appeal has been given out and will be distributed through the UK Community Foundations to 45 local community foundations across the country. Further distributions will be made in the coming weeks. Local groups already benefitting from the appeal include Horncastle Food Bank in Lincolnshire which has seen a 300% [...]

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Helpful new COVID 19 resource – Personalised Wellbeing Plan template


We’re keen to support people through COVID 19, particularly where people are self-isolating or shielding and need support to stay safe at home. A Personalised Wellbeing Plan template has been developed, which can be used by anyone who is self-isolating, family, friends, healthcare professionals and carers to summarise a person’s personal circumstances, and the things that matter most to them at this time. You can access the draft documents on the Academy of Medical Royal College's website: Personalised wellbeing plan  Guidance - Personal Wellbeing Plan The documents are also available on the Academy's resources section. We want to reduce the [...]

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