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2801, 2020

Signposting the way ahead for social prescribing

28 January 2020|Helen's Blog|

In her first blog for NASP, Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard takes a quick look back - and signposts the way ahead for social prescribing. We have a bold ambition. We want to enable people to live the best life they possibly can by supporting them to connect with their community in a meaningful way. It has been a very busy few months for all of us at NASP, as we [...]

1812, 2019

Board meeting confirms next steps for NASP

18 December 2019|News|

The NASP Board had its first full meeting today (Wed 18 December) and signed off the important next steps for the Academy. Some of the immediate priorities are to secure the future format of the organisation and it was agreed that an application for charitable status would be made in the new year.  Having supported the Academy to reach this stage, it was agreed that Jonathan Marron and James [...]

2310, 2019

Social prescribing: new national academy set up

23 October 2019|News|

The academy will help more people benefit from arts, sport and leisure activities across the country Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock is setting out his ambition for every patient in the country to have access to social prescribing schemes on the NHS as readily as they do medical care. Social prescribing involves helping patients to improve their health, wellbeing and social welfare by connecting them to community [...]

2801, 2019

Army of workers to support family doctors

28 January 2019|News|

An army of advisers will be recruited to help patients live fitter, healthier lives and combat anxiety, loneliness and depression under plans to ramp up social prescribing set to be launched by NHS England this week. Around half of GP appointments are not directly related to medical conditions, according to experts. Growing evidence shows that referrals to community services such as exercise or art classes, history groups and even [...]

611, 2018

The power of the arts and social activities to improve the nation’s health

6 November 2018|News|

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock speaks to the King's Fund about the benefits of social prescribing. I love my job. I get to see brilliant doctors and inspirational nurses, courageous paramedics and committed carers. I get to meet people who save lives each and every day. Yet, there were some perks to being Culture Secretary. You’d get to go to the Tate, the National, the Royal Opera [...]

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